30/5/12- The Olympic Torch!

A very exciting day in town- the Olympic torch passed through!

The town was buzzing, and there were many people (I hear 40,000) on the streets to cheer on the torch bearers. 

This is my second time seeing the flame, my first being in 1988 for the Calgary Winter Olympics. How special to see it again! 

23/5/12- Reading Rainbow

Anyone remember that show- I used to love it!

Sharing what I am reading is my favorite blog to write, so glad to have some new books to chat about. 

The first one was suggested to by Wendy in a previous reading blog post. It's a playfully written book about 11 year old Flavia, and her interest in all things science and investigation. In this book she is trying to solve a murder. There are a few more books in the Flavia series which I look forward to reading.


I am just finishing up this Margaret Atwood book (a charity shop purchase at 2.5o!). I enjoy Atwoods writing. (And of course have an affinity towards her as a fellow Canadian). There is no fuss about it, and its pretty blunt. A good book which stirred up memories of being a young girl. Any suggestions of other good Atwood books to read?

And finally this book. I will be honest and say I didn't really enjoy this book whilst I was reading it. It's short (only 150 pages) which made it fast read, but the instant I finished it, I wanted to read it again. By the end of the book the story finally came together and I had that "ah ha" moment. (I also tend to think that any book that wins a prize must be good- am I alone in thinking this?).


It may look like Spring around here (with Summer coming soon), but it sure does not feel like it. Temps have been around 10 degrees with rain, for the last three weeks. Not nice. However, this week things look to be improving... Come on Spring! 

19/5/12- Paint

I do enjoy seeing a bit of double denim. 

16/5/12- Ducks

14/5/12- Stranded

Last weekend on the way home from Scotland (see previous post) we found ourselves stranded in Perth. Quite a lovely town centre which made the unexpected stop not so bad. 

10/5/12- Snowboarding in Scotland

Skiing and snowboarding in Scotland in May. Wow. 
The Caringorm ski hill (which we've been to before) had a terrible winter season with hardly any snow due to rain.

They have been getting snow recently, and we just had to check it out.

Top of the hill- took a bit of climbing to get to. Nice snow.

Mid-station. Yikes! We had to do some walking here. No snow.

From the second photo you can see the funicular mid-station on the right. When the hill does have snow you can ski from here all the way to the bottom (can just see the car park in the middle of the photo). 

(Yes, I've not been blogging for a month, I know...Apologies to my readers). 

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