Day 26- 29/10/09

Todays photo of the day comes with two photos. Upon looking at the church it may be just another church in town, but read the sign, and it has a bit more of a story!

The sign reads: "Let this small monument record the name of Cadman and to future times proclaim how by'n attempt to fly from this high spire across the Sabrine stream he did acquire his fatal end. 'Twas not for want of skill, or courage to perform the task he fell: no, no, a faulty cord being drawn too tight hurried his soul on high to take her flight which bid the body here beneath good night. February 2nd 1739 aged 28"

Day 25- 28/10/09

Day 24- 27/10/09

Day 23- 26/10/09

This is "Wysteria Lane" it is now my new favorite shop...It also has a website you can check out.

Day 22- 25/10/09

Kicking through the autumn leaves whilst giving a tour of Shrewsbury

Day 21- 24/10/09

The next day was spent down in Gloucester and Cheltenham. In the evening I got to see my first rugby game!

Day 20- 23/10/09

This day started off at Portabello Market, a great street for some interesting finds. After we went to Borough Market (food), then along the Southbank...St Pauls, and ended up at crazy Oxford street.

Day 19- 22/10/09

After all the trips I've made to London I have never had the chance to see changing of the guards....Thanks to the many tourists it was busy even for a cool October morning, however interesting to see.

Day 18- 21/10/09

I took the train into London to see my parents for 3 days...We arrived in the afternoon and the tour started. In the evening we wandered around Leicester square, and later on by chance came across a new bridge that gave us a great view of the London Eye and Big Ben.

Day 17- 20/10/09

Spending a cold, rainy afternoon in the Wolverhampton in the art gallery.

Day 16- 19/10/09

I loaded my 35mm up with film this morning and spent a couple hours wandering around the town. It felt nice to take photos with a "proper camera" and of course found I framed each shot and thought about it a bit more than just a digital camera. I've missed this camera!

Day 15- 18/10/09

Canals in Birmingham

Day 14- 17/10/09

Still in bloom.

Day 13- 16/10/09

Part of the town centre...and Christmas decorations

Day 12- 15/10/09

This photo is for Nicole...The start of my running route :)

Day 11- 14/10/09

I spent the day in Birmingham doing some artsy stuff and shopping. This is the side of the Selfridges building there-oh la la!

Day 10- 13/10/09

The glass design on the main door to the flat is so pretty.

Day 9- 12/10/09

Park Guell- Another project that Gaudi had his hands in. Very amazing views of the city as well.

Day 8- 11/10/09

A part of Sagrada Familia. It's too amazing not to be included as a photo of the day. This was taken from one of the spires looking over to the Jesus statue. I highly recommend going up the lift to see the view from the top. It's worth the wait.

Day7- 10/10/09

First night in Barcelona. Sangria and tapas on Las Ramblas with my parents...Oh, and a mime.

Day 6- 09/10/09

An evening of setting up Ikea. This is the dining room table....

Day 5- 8/10/09

The view of the river Severn from the flat

Day 4- 7/10/09

Day 3- 6/10/09

A day trip to a town down the road- Owestery, Owstre, Oserwuzy? I don't how to spell it, or say it but in this town there are wooden animals having tea.

Day 2- 5/10/09

When moving to a new place there is many things to get started. One is banking...This is out of the window of the bank- "Welcome to Shrewsbury" it says, and has two traditional Tudor style houses shown as well, these are all over the town. I have been to this bank every day it seems.

Day 1- 4/10/09

The standard map screen when flying always gets me excited. It seems as it's finally happening.
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