29/2/12- Snow

Last week we took a ski/snowboard trip to The Three Valleys in France. The Three Valleys are the largest linked ski area in the world. The world...

Villages included in the Three Valleys are: Courchevel, La Tania, Meribel, Brides les Bains, Les Menuires, St. Martin, Val Thorens, and Orelle. 

The area gives you 600km of skiable piste (or 600km of 'runs') and that does not include all of the off piste, which is basically everywhere. I didn't understand the sheer size of this place till we arrived and started making our way around each area. 

If you are from home and you know the size of Sunshine. I'd say each of the village's area are around twice the size of Sunshine's skiable area. Insane. 

The Three Valleys also has this Escapade pass. It is a good way to see all areas of the Three Valleys, and a good challenge too. There are 18 checkpoints around the hill which when you scan your lift pass is tracked that you've been there. Once you've hit all 18 lifts you get a certificate and pin. It forced us to go all the way east and west, to the highest and lowest points on the hill. (Our chalet hosts were very impressed that we achieved this!)

Lots of scenery photos were taken, so I've shared just a few below. We couldn't get enough of the amazing views and stunning scenery.

I see a second visit to The Three Valleys one day. 

Day one. We were at one of the higher points in the valley, hence the blue sky. The rest of the skiing area is below all that lovely white cloud. One of those ski days where you couldn't see a thing.

On day two, we could finally see where we were going! The temps got to +15 by our final day! It was blue skies and sunny all week. (Except for the first day of course).

Apres ski- This chairlift goes through the village of Val Thorens, and over some mighty fine apres ski area. (See the hot tub?)

The view from 10,600 feet. 

27/2/12- A time to start fresh

I have to thank you all for the amazing comments on my last post.

They were inspiring, thoughtful, positive, caring and full of motivation for myself to continue on. Everyone (or in Calgary we'd say y'all) has given me some great ideas for new posts like art, music, more recipes, local interest, crafts and baking. 

It's also so uplifting to hear that you are enjoying what I do write about, and would like to hear more. 

The last week of snowboarding in France was a great break, and gave me time to reflect and gather some new ideas to keep going, and make "This is Great Britain" even better. 

Thank you.

How lovely are these blossoms? I don't know what they are, but saw them along the river last week. Made me think about spring as a time of renewal and freshness- just like my blogging ideas!

14/2/12- Stuck.

Happy Valentines day!
Hope you have a lovely day. 

I enjoy making Valentines day crafts, but have yet to take a pic of this years result. Those felt hearts give you some indication of what the craft looks like however.

I've been absent on the blog again- for any good reason you ask? Well its that darn motivation thing that keeps creeping up on me. I'm struggling to stay motivated on the blog, and am trying to decide what to do next. 

My lack of ambition towards the blog causes me to post inconsistently, which I am sure is annoying for those people that do check this blog on a daily basis. 

The main reason I started the blog over two years ago was to share my daily joys, and new experiences here in England. I've touched on this before saying that now, the daily joys are still here, but its become everyday. So I switched to a focus on crafts, baking, sewing, ect. I enjoy posting on this, but now with the popularity of Pinterest- are people interested in reading about the domestic joys that comes with DIY and baking, or more interested to just 'pin it'? 

It's not like I want a huge following by any means, but its nice to know that there is someone out there that enjoys my posts and would love to continue reading. However, if there ever was the potential to be invited to blogger events, or get more involved in the blog, I'd be keen.

I feel like its either an all or nothing mindset when it comes to the blog, and I'm kinda in the middle. I am going to take a break (and hit up the Alps for some snowboarding), and have a think. In the meantime I'd love to hear your thoughts.

What types of blogs do you read?
What makes you return to a blog again and again?
What would improve this blog? 
General comments and feedback would be great. 

7/2/12- Taste of Britain Tuesday

Last night I had a wee dinner party, and decided to make a pie for the gals. I tried one out of this new cookbook from Pieminister

If you have a few moments, take a look at their website. They have some delish pies available, and you can see the wide range of what a pie can actually be. Pies are not a Canadian thing at all, and I have to say one my my new fave dinners is a fish pie. We had the Pieminister 'Pietanic' for supper on the weekend.  

Moving on. In all my busyness to put the dinner together, I never took any photos of me creating this wonderful Hunters Pie which I made, but it worked out and everyone seemed full and satisfied after the dinner.

I am sure I've done a previous 'Taste of Britain' and have mentioned pies, but there is nothing wrong in repeating a good thing! 

6/2/12- Fog

Thick, thick fog this morning.

3/2/12- Beautiful.

1/2/12- Yup, thats cold.

February is upon us, and here in England its cold. This is the coldest week this winter I believe, with lows getting to -8 in our area. Yikes. 

If you've never had the pleasure of experiencing that damp cold, you may think -8 is not so bad, but the way that everyone describes it is "the cold goes right through your bones". 

Days are looking like this...

So on days like this, its nice to make some homemade scones with some lovely jelly. 

I made Mary Berry's scone recipe, which worked out perfect! 

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