Day 208- 29/4/10

Ciao! I am off to Italy to meet my parents today, really looking forward to the trip. A couple of photos here from Italy two summers ago. Will be back with some good photos in a wee bit!

Day 207- 28/4/10

I am pretty sure I have not put up a photo of our red phone box. It's on the road into the town centre and I think (but not sure) it's the only one in town. To me the red phone box are so British, and some of the boxes in the country are even listed, as not many exist anymore like they did at one time.

Day 206-27/4/10

Men playing cricket across the river...

Day 205- 26/4/10

Just a view of the moon and the lovely color of the evening sky. The window created this odd reflection from the moon, but I think it looks quite neat.

Day 204- 25/4/10

Picnic in the park. The leaves are almost out on the trees as well, so nice to see.

Day 203- 24/4/10

Morris dancers were out in full form this morning.
This weekend is the annual cartoon festival in town, a huge to-do at a number of different venues. Here the mayor and his very cute wife are getting a caricature done!
The market square was filled with artists working on large pieces...

Day 202- 23/4/10

Art! Doesn't it make you think...and wonder? This is no ordinary wood.
Enjoyable window piece.

Day 201- 22/4/10

I wasn't too sure what this balloon-infused celebration was about, but in Debenhams there was a party of sorts where only men where allowed, drinking champagne, looking at bow ties, cufflinks, and getting fitted for suits. Random men were sauntering around in full suits, and people were taking photos.

Day 200- 21/4/10

Day 199-20/4/10

Day 198- 19/4/10

When I was sitting at the table this morning, having a cuppa and reading more about "the ash crisis" I heard cows mooing. I have never heard a cow moo when I am sitting in my kitchen in the morning. I am from the city, so it would be pretty impossible.

I also just thought it was weird as in 198 days of being here I have never heard a cow moo from my kitchen window. When I looked outside, there they were just across the river. Once I got out to take a photo, most had moooved on, but you can still see a couple sitting around.

This may be a pointless story, but it was just a weird start to the day.

Day 197- 18/4/10

By now you've heard about the Icelandic volcano and the mess its causing not only here in the UK but around the world. It's so crazy to think about it and scary too. When things have happened in the UK in the past it seems another world away, but now that I live here its so different to be in the middle of it.

They say that soon the ash could start raining down, acid rain. Health concerns for those with breathing problems, and if you smell a sulfur type smell to stay indoors.

Of course there is the flying issue which is on my mind with people close to me stuck in locations that they did not intend to be stuck in. Lets hope the wind starts to blow.

Day 196- 17/4/10

Today was gorgeous!
Wandering around town I saw some odd and interesting this busker playing a wooden flute in this Robin Hood-esque costume....
Boats in the market square...
A newly married couple leaving the castle courtyard in this amazing old car....

Day 195- 16/4/10

Enjoying the friday afternoon blue sky and sun...

Day 194- 15/4/10

A cold day tempted me to a cup of Timmys from here. I admit it was not that great, but I had to try it!

Day 193- 14/4/10

I can't get over how absolutely beautiful these trees are. When the blossoms were falling, out of the corner of my eye I thought it was snow. It wasn't, unlike some unlucky Albertans that got snow today. I love the look of the petals on the steps, very snow like!

At a local cafe I saw a man outside hoovering up the petals around the tables. A bit odd!

Day 192- 13/4/10

Day 191- 12/4/10

The boathouse where the rowers store the boats they train with. Daffys everywhere this time of year as well!

Day 190- 11/4/10

Day 189- 10/4/10

Morning cream tea

Day 188- 9/4/10

A stroll through the dingle

Day 187- 8/4/10


Day 186- 7/4/10

An amazing spring skiing day....Driving up to the hill
And a amazing skiing outfit!

Day 185- 6/4/10

What does one do in Scotland when the ski hill is closed due to 80 mph winds?

You take a drive to Inverness to see Loch Ness. (And hopefully Nessie)
And enjoy some local ales at a brewery tour!

Day 184- 5/4/10

"Frees Otland"?

Free Scotland actually...Another trip up for the last of the snow. More posts soon.

Day 183- 4/4/10

A beautiful Easter Sunday, and a chance to get out on the golf course.

Today also marks six months since my move over here. I've started to think about the blog, and how long to keep it going. A year seems like a nice time in my mind, but I know some people would enjoy it for longer. However as the top of the blog states "A photo a day to document my move..." I would think that after six months the idea of the physical move would be complete?

Day 182- 3/4/10

Watch the ball! A fun evening at the rugby game.

Day 181- 2/4/10

Aren't these the cutest little cupcakes you've ever seen? (Although I am becoming a "domestic goddess" I can't bake everything!)

Happy Easter weekend!

Day 180- 1/4/10

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