Thrifty! 30/6/11

I can't believe its the last day of June! Already :(

Today I did a little bit of thrifting- I am quite enjoying this now that I have my fave shops to pop in. I found this cute summery dress that reminded me very much of this one showcased on the blog "What I Wore".

My main plan for the morning was to find the perfect scarf for the lovely Lauren Croft of "A Bird in the Hand", for our UK Bloggers scarf swap. We decided to start our own UK bloggers swap, after Jessie of "Concrete Catwalk" started a US/Canadian swap. I was lucky to find a scarf at this great vintage fair in town centre today. Scarves for the swap go in the post tomorrow, and I will be posting when I receive my scarf from Lauren.

In my travels I also checked out this massive vintage/antique shop that is in town here. I've never been in and decided to check it out after a friend mentioned it. It's located in a basement, so I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. What I found was the biggest antique/vintage collection of every good you would ever want in one place! I was so overwhelmed. I also forgot my camera today, so I have no photos to share. However I am sure I will be back there soon, and will share some images with you then. :)

Stylish- 29/6/11

I was so very lucky to get some beautiful and thoughtful gifts for my birthday...(which reminds me I've not share many Paris photos!). Birthdays make a girl feel so special don't they!

I made my first drink with this yesterday morning, a latte macchiato. It was amazing! I think it was better than some coffee that you'd pay for in a cafe!

Does anyone else have one of these? What is your fave drink? How did you live without it?

Taste of Britain Tuesday- Victoria Sponge. 28/6/11

A exciting day here at "This is Great Britain", the first installation of Taste of Britain Tuesdays.

Every tuesday will feature a British food (or drink), allowing me to share with you a recipe that is quintessentially British. There are so many different foods here than at home, why not share them?!

Today's first Taste of Britain Tuesday (or TBT in short) is Victoria Sponge cake by Nigella Lawson.

It's a beautiful and light cake, and perfect for raspberry season- right now. I have a baking guru here in the UK that I am lucky to know. She bought me these double cake tins, used for a layered cake such as this. She's also shown me the beauty of creaming very hard butter and sugar, and whipping up a cake without a recipe. She also explained that making a layered cake does not always need to be for an event, but just a regular day. I agree.


Today was spent in one of my fave cities!

Will share a few more photos tomorrow, but for now here is one from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Which city in the world is your favourite?

Cheddar 24/6/11

This weekend it's a rather substantial birthday for me, so the celebration is leaving England and will be in another country. I may show a photo or two come monday. ;)

Until then I will leave you with this photo of an interesting colored cider. My cousin and I went to the pub the other night before she left, I mean, what's a visit to England without a pub!? The cider was delicious!

Happy weekend everyone!

Ludlow 21/6/11

As mentioned in the previous post, my cousin is here visiting. We took a day trip to Ludlow on tuesday, as I thought it would be nice for her to see some other towns in the area. Let me tell you, Ludlow is beautiful and all, but there is nothing happening on a tuesday!

No market (there is one every other day of the week though), shops closed, and the town just generally quiet. hm.

However after all that, it does not really matter does it? It's all about spending time together and enjoying each others company no matter whats happening, or in this case whats not happening.

PS. It's my Dad's birthday tomorrow- happy birthday Dad! Cheers xo

UK Scarf Swap- 21/6/11

So I'm looking forward to some blogger swapping!

Jessie from The Concrete Catwalk has started a fab blogger trade idea called the scarf swap.

Image source:

Elle from A Bird in the Handand I have decided to get some UK bloggers involved in a UK based swap. (As Jessies swap is for Canadian/USA bloggers) Want to know more and become involved? Have a read of Elle's blog- everyone loves getting post, and wouldn't a new scarf be fab?!

Tea time 20/6/11

Well, the event on saturday was grand- a bit of rain for those participating, but those of us under the tent stayed dry! ;)

Sunday night my cousin arrived, she's been traveling the world (ok, it just seems like the world), I mean Europe for the last five months or so. It's her last few weeks here, so she came down to visit.

Monday was spent wandering the town, and we had to have some tea in the afternoon. A new place in town that is going for a tea room/lounge sorta feel. Not too sure about it all, however I did enjoy the vintage china we were served our tea in, and the books holding the menus on the table.

Rain rain go away! 17/6/11

This is the weather we are having right now- same with you?

We've got an outside event happening tomorrow, and rain will not do. Fingers crossed it stays dry for a few hours in the morning.

I do enjoy the smell of rain- or wet grass moreso? We've all heard that connection between smell and memory, and one just popped into my head (maybe its the time of year). Our annual campout I have with my family. Not sure if it was the rain, or that fresh outdoors feeling, but it gave me a little smile.

Happy weekend!

Chutney 16/6/11

Yes, this post is about chutney.
I have a friend here who is such a lovely domestic goddess- so inspiring! She made this tomato chutney the other day and gave me this lovely little jar of it yesterday.

(Chuntey- like bread- does not photograph well. But believe me, its delish)

Have you ever made chutney? Jams or preserves? I am so interested to do it, but would love to hear if you've dabbled in this process.

Long Days 15/6/11

A cricket game across the river, rowing team out practicing, and the warm sun. Feels like a wee bit of summer...

Is it feeling summery where you are?

However, the rain is set to start again, and continue till the weekend :(

Candy Striper 14/6/11

I am starting to get very excited about where I plan to take this blog- the transition starts now to the new one, but first a bit of planning and possibly some tutorials of how to jazz it up. I can't wait!

The other day I was reading this post on A Beautiful Mess, about her daily outfit. Just by chance I was at some charity shops today and found a dress that reminded me of her pink one, which I decided to purchase.

A lot of the fashion bloggers I read have "thrifted" much of their clothes, so I am trying to get back into that, finding pieces that I love, or ones that need a quick fix on the sewing machine, and then would be set to wear. It's also a nice change from the high street styles that everyone has these days.

I thought this dress was a fun summer addition- maybe a little candy striper? Nah. Now all we need is some warm weather!

Gettin' techy 12/6/11

You will notice I've made a few changes to the blog. I was speaking with my BFF from home yesterday and she gave me some great ideas of where to take the blog. I am quite excited about this new phase, and ideas have started to flow.

We were talking about blogger vs wordpress sites (for you non-techies, its basically the program that creates the blog and what it looks like). I think some wordpress sites look quite nice, but then we looked at blogger sites and realized there is a fair bit you can do with blogger. When I looked at the settings, it seems that its been changed so that you can personalize and create a blog just right for you.

I am just playing around with the templates and colors for now, so you may notice some changes from time to time. For now, I like the pink background and the little maple leaves. Kind of cute. Brings a little Canada into the blog.

I've also updated the "blogs that make me swoon" area, with the majority of blogs I read everyday. Take a look if you have time, some are pretty great.

Thank you for the comments on my posts- it means a lot. I will try to respond to them more often, so if you do comment, be sure to check back for my response!

No pic today...However, if you want to picture what took place in my day my running partner and I ran a 10k race in a town called Aldridge. It was HAMMERING down with rain the whole time, but overall it was a great race. Training continues for more races planned in the upcoming months, whoohoo!

Savory 11/6/11

Fishcakes are not something we eat in Canada- are they?
I was only introduced to them via my British partner (He's a chef extraordinaire). They are a nice light meal, or a good snack.

I made the Nigel Slater haddock fish cake recipe for dinner, along with some homemade sweet chili sauce.


After getting some work done, I decided it was time for some Friday retail therapy in town.

Don't you love it when stores take the time to wrap up your purchase such as this? At Wysteria Lane she also sprays your bag with a small spritz of perfume- so sweet!

My birthday is coming up, and we will be celebrating in style with a city break. Will keep it a secret for now, but I can't wait. I thought a new dress was in order so I picked this one up. This color drip/fade/tie dye (?!) seems to be a new thing these days. So pretty.


Popped into Boots today at lunch to pick up a few things, couldn't help but pick up this months Glamour mag. As mentioned once before magazines tend to put these little freebees in with the mags from time to time- this was a mini Benefit product. For only 2 pounds? Yes please.

Thank you for the fantastic and thoughtful comments on my post a few days ago about the blog. I've appreciated them all, and am still trying to think about the blog and where to take it. Stay tuned.

Get your 5 a day 8/6/11

Bananas, rum and raisins.
Not a new summer drink, but banana bread!

I made Nigellas banana bread today. To start you bring the rum and raisins to a boil, then soak for about an hour. What you are left with is some pretty juicy raisins with a wee kick. Just a nice addition to an everyday loaf.


Have you bowed to this years fashion trend and purchased a pair?
Wedges are all the rage in England this summer, and I thought it was about time I got myself a pair. Super comfortable, and cute to boot. I am a fan of heels, but enjoy a shoe I can wear all day long without being in pain, and I think wedges are your solution.

Or as a friend here said the other day, "I like to make an effort (for her fiance) but I don't want to try too hard". Well put.


When I was whipping up these "low fat" (pfft! Right) chocolate chip cookies I was thinking of where I could take this blog.

I think I've decided that come October, once I've been here for two years, I plan to stop the blog. As I've mentioned many times before, it gets difficult to post as life here as become normal, and what I once saw through fresh eyes has become my everyday. I still enjoy it just as much, (if not more) but would hate to get repetitive about how beautiful the flowers are, or the interesting products the UK has compared to home etc. (And have probably become quite repetitive already!)

However, I had an idea that I wanted to pass by your first (this means you also must comment! Or if you are too shy, send me a message). I think about the posts where I discuss recipes, or domestic goddess type things like sewing. I enjoy those type of posts, and they also force me to be a wee bit creative which is nice. What if I took the blog in that route the "Canadian in England- Domestic Goddess- cooking- baking- crafty type things" and less of my everyday. Recipes included and 'how to's of things I've learnt.

I mean, I don't claim to be a domestic goddess at all, but its fun to share good recipes and ideas that I come across in my everyday.

Is that something you'd read? Something you'd find interesting - even trying out some recipes yourself? Or do you think there are too many of those types of blogs out there? Be honest :)


I walked by this wardrobe set at a charity shop the other day- isn't it unique!? I would take a certain type of interior decor to house something like this, but I think it could be quite interesting in the right home.


My first 99 of the season. I was so excited about it that it was not till this point of the cone I thought about taking a photo!

It was a beautiful day, around 22 degrees. I was in the park reading and all of a sudden this brass band started playing from the bandstand! It was great. Showtunes, old movie scores and classics.

The bandstand with the band


Town has all these tiny little passageways (or shuts they are called) that connect main roads. I guess they are from the medieval days...

This one is a bit dodgy. Once there was a snarling dog on top of the roof ahead, I was not keen to walk under him!

And there you are! The next street over.


Perry from Waitrose- really lovely on a warm weather day.
Today is my Mom's birthday- happy birthday Mom, cheers! xo


June has arrived! I love days like this when it finally feels like summer.
I am going to do my best with the blog this month- though I am already 5 days late on putting this post up. Whoops!


The last stop of the coastal tour was the beautiful seaside town of Lyme Regis. Part of the Jurassic coast, and the end of the previously mentioned Chesil beach. It's known for the fossils found in the cliffs and beaches. Not only cool for your 'sciency' types out there, its a pretty little town with fresh fish and shellfish to eat, a harbor for fishermen and divers, a beach to sun yourself on, and pretty views.

And that's it for coastal pics. I split the posts over a week or so, but believe it or not- we saw all these beaches and sites over two days.

(I had to put two pics up as I love the sky and buildings in the second one)

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