Yum! Barrys tea, straight from Ireland.
There will be a break from the blog now for a bit (as always, if you know me, you know why :D)...back soon!


I was a proper lady of leisure today. I had a spa day basically, moreso manicure, hair cut ect...It was nice. It was also nice to wander around down with out a time limit, or a list of things to do. Between appointments I stopped and had some tea and a scone. This was at a cafe in town which is in the location of the old market hall. Its now a quaint cafe and cute little movie theater.


Last night we were out at this place in Birmingham called the Vaults. The lounge section had all these individual rooms that you could sit in instead of hanging around the bar. The more interesting part was that this building was used for many things, and has been around since victorian times. I guess it was even used as a womans prison once- hence the small areas with sloping brick walls, those were the cells.


This piece is just around the corner from our office (are are in the creative quarter of the city). When I was out one lunch I actually saw the guy working on it.

In all my years of doing graffiti walks in cities, or teaching about it, I've never seen a piece being worked on live. He had a camera set up to document the process, as it was mostly done, but he had some touch-ups to do.

When he was standing back and looking at it we had a quick chat about it. The guy looked tough- tattoos on his fingers, shaved head, pierced ect. But as soon as I complimented him on it he got almost bashful and was so thankful. He said he was just fixing up the hair and shading, and putting the final details on it and it would be done for Monday. I said I'd come back to check it out on Monday as I couldn't wait to see it finished.

These are the final pics, not bad eh?


One Born Every Minute. They claim that is the statistic for babies born here in the UK. Can you believe that? Just think of that, by the time it takes you read this post and move to the next one, a baby has been born. Insane.
This show just started, a documentary on Monday nights, and yes its about birth and labour. Its pretty intense but so very interesting. I walk by this billboard on the way to work everyday and every time I think..."really...one a min?"


This is Gok Wan! Gok is a name here in the UK for the fashion-type shows he does on tv. Its more of an inspirational show like "lets work with your body type, and find clothes that look good on you" than, "you need to lose weight". Simply put. I really like his attitude to fashion and body consciousness. (And every show I watch of his makes me tear up!). He was filming at the Bullring on friday, the big shopping centre in Birmingham. I popped by after work to get a glance of the man and to see a wee bit of the show.



Just another day at work...
Well, not really. We don't have cupcakes everyday but only special occasions. Here we were prepping for a photo shoot.


The train.
I could write a lot about my daily commute on the train. The commuters habits, seeing the same people on the morning train, what people do (and don't do) on the train. But I will save that for another time.
For now, here is a pic from the London tube. Another pic from my phone, but this time taken after Christmas, on the tube from London Heathrow to Euston... This was in the carriage behind me, the girl was leaning against the window. I loved the look of her hair smushed against the glass, so interesting and odd.


This snap was taken in Heathrow Terminal 5 the day I flew home for Christmas...just remembered it on my phone the other day! A bit of sushi before jetting off, really loved this sign. The sushi was ok, not as good as the stuff at home however.


The flat has this skylight/window which is great, however to find a blind that fits the window has been a pain. The blinds made for those windows are quite expensive, so I fashioned up my own.

The blind

And voila! To open the blinds it nicely gets rolled up to a pretty little package.


A friend from home requested this fab carrier bag from Tesco's so I popped there today to pick it up. What a cute Orla Kiely pattern! I love how being green is becoming so chic!


I started knitting this last winter and had put it away this summer. Summer just does not seem like the time to knit. I found the best time to knit was to and from Scotland on our ski trips...I found it in the closet the other day whilst cleaning and thought if I put it on the chair, I'd pick it up and start knitting again. Has not happened yet, but hopefully this weekend.


Lets talk about books. I should do a post like this more often cause I love talking about which books I am reading, and getting comments back on which books you are reading (hint hint). I think those e-books are cool, and great for travel- however saying that, I don't think I could tear myself away from a real book in my hands. The different font, cover images, paper smell. They are special.
These are three books that I have going right now...

A bit of Canadian content here. Almost done this one, fantastic writing however a gloomy book the whole way through.(My photo will not rotate, sorry friends!)

A beautiful book my Mom gave me for Christmas. Just finished this one, really nice story and meaning within.

That hedgehog book, my friend gave me this one at Christmas. I've just started it, its interesting. However, not a book that you can doze off when reading as the language is pretty thick.


When I got into work today, someone had left a lovely surprise for me! Now, this isnt the Royal approved mug or anything, but I quite like it.


Like the melting of the snow in the UK, the blog has melted and a month later I've got no posts!
Well first off, a happy new year to all, and hope you had a very Merry Christmas. I was home for Christmas, and it was fantastic. So great to see family and friends- very blessed with the people in my life.

Some asked about the blog- where would I take it? What would I post next? "I check once a week", ect. Many seemed to like the top ten, but I can't do that again as my top ten is still the same. I'd love to keep it up, and wonder if I went back to a photo a day, would that suffice?

Lets try- tomorrow is a new day and will be a new post. Back to the photo of the day :)
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