29/10/11- Artsy

Serious art evening last night with my artsy friend. It's been ages since I've done artsy/journaling projects. 

It was a great way to spend a night! Add in a little cake and wine, and you are set!

28/10/11- Young bakers

I've been doing some childcare whilst I've been home for my cousins children whom I love. I'm learning a lot about the wee ones, and of course enjoying the funny things they say, and their outlook on the world. 

There are some great toys out there these days, and this is one I've noticed a few times. 

Wood cupcakes. 

The icing tops can be interchanged between the wood bases, and you use your icing (aka markers) to decorate the cakes. Once complete, stick on your candle (attached with velcro), and your cake is complete!

Too cute.

27/10/11- Minnewanka

How beautiful is this?

Taken at Lake Minnewanka a couple weekends ago. The lake is close to Banff, and believe it or not is used for scuba diver training. There's not much to see down below, but the frigid mountain temps make this lake a interesting training ground for new divers. 

25/10/11- Who needs a boat?

Last week I went for dinner with a fellow sushi lover. Sushi is something that is not so prevalent in my English home, so I take advantage when I am in Canada. 

We tried a new place, and the best part was the sushi train they had going around! How cute. A sushi boat is always lovely, but this was my first time picking food from a moving train. (And a CP Rail train at that).

If you live in the UK, tell me where your fave place to get sushi is. (So I know for the future!)

24/10/11- Life Made Lovely Monday- Vinyasa

Lululemon has to be my number one fave store here in Canada. I adore it all, but have to restrain myself from buying excessively when I go there. 

They have a great scarf in store these days called the 'Vinyasa scarf' which is made of a lovely jersey material, and has snaps for closure. I love it, but my crafty brain said 'You could make that!' (Does anyone think this too?)

So I went to the fabric store to get some rather inexpensive jersey fabric to give it a try. My Mom also has a fantastic new sewing machine here, a nice change from the old girl in England.

A short time later (hand sewing on the snaps took the longest!) I had my very own Vinyasa inspired scarf :D Happy days! 

(Teaming up with Life Made Lovely today for this domestic moment)

(Lovely plaid shirt I have on isn't it? No, just cause I am home in Canada does not mean I wear plaid, it just happened!)

22/10/11- Market Collective

This weekend my friend and I attended Market Collective. A market showcasing local artists and artisans and their wares. My cousin has attended a number of the Market Collective events and raved about it. So we thought we should check it out.

I love attending events such as these, those which shine a light on local artists work. And of course with any market, shopping is involved! 

Local musicians jamming throughout the day. 

The photos from photographer Amy Victoria Wakefield were beautiful!

A couple other fave tables of the day were Chika Ando's quirky illustrations and Cinder & Sage's unique jewellery

My one purchase of the day was this print from Tara Put. She had some lovely and very creative pieces- check out her etsy shop here. Isn't it lovely?! 

21/10/11- Waiter!

Waiter, there's a shoe in my drink!

Milestones creates amazing belinis, which used to come with tiny plastic animals sitting on top of the creamy, delish slush. 

When a friend and I had one on a patio in the beautiful autumn sun, we were pleasantly surprised to see shoes this time around, how fun!

On that note, have a great weekend everyone, cheers!

19/10/11- Rockies!

Flying over the Rocky Mountains from Vancouver to Calgary. 

I mean, how amazing are they! I do miss seeing them everyday, and am loving seeing them each morning now that I am home. Can't wait to get on them with the snowboard as well!

12/10/11- Nice marketing

Oh hello blog! I've missed you...

The schedule of my life in Canada is a wee bit different than England, and as I've said in previous posts I'm still getting used to it for this time I am home. It feels funny to be sharing images and stories of Canada, as the blog is called "This is Great Britain" not Canada after all. 

But I hate to drop the blog for the time I am home, so I will march on and continue it. I'd think that my British followers may be interested to see bits of life over here?

A little tiddle from our Vancouver trip as mentioned in the previous post. One day we saw a Telus truck set up on the side of a busy street in Van, with a long queue of people outside of it. (For the UK crowd Telus is a mobile provider like Vodafone)

We did some further investigation and found out that the queue was for a free tshirt which you could choose the silkscreen image for your shirt. The choices you had were the ones below, we thought they were pretty cute so decided to wait and get one.

(We both got the iphone is the new nintendo print)

The shirt was pretty good quality and there was only a small telus logo on the back. Smart marketing telus, smart. 

Everyone loves a free tshirt. Don't they?


11/10/11- We woke to this

My BFF and I took a girls trip to Vancouver last weekend. What a beautiful city, and so lovely at this time of year! 

We stayed in a hotel on Robson Street, which goes up 48 floors or something of that height. We got a room on floor 27 and this was our view- amazing. I highly suggest staying there as the views are great and location to the city is perfect. 

We also enjoyed the sights of the constant stream of lululemon fashion on the streets, it seems like its the norm to wear it everywhere and anywhere. Also very miffed about all the Vancouver Canucks fans wearing jerseys, but not on a game day. Odd. 

Clearly I've slowed down on this blog since I've been home...Just need to get back into the swing of things here and I may post a bit more. 

2/10/11- Cycle Sundays

Hello! I've not forgot about the blog, just a change of scenery has caused this slight delay. 

This will be the last cycle Sunday for a while, as last Sunday I didn't even cycle, but was flying home to Canada!

I'm home for a bit, and have been getting settled into life back here. I am sure I will keep up the blog, and will try my best to keep up my weekly 'features' as well. However, it may not be so 'This is Great Britain', but 'This is Canada' for a while. 

Hope you enjoy.

29/9/11- Skyline

In town one of the (many) churches is getting a revamp. I believe they are working on the stone work, and some bits that are falling apart. 

On the 10k race I ran a couple weeks ago in town here, there were many people running wearing shirts that read "save the church!". It's a beautiful addition to the skyline here, which of course has lots of history. 

It's all wrapped up as they are doing this work, and if you are from Alberta (or Canada for that matter) what does it look like to you?

Yup, a grain elevator! How lovely is that? Alberta was once dotted with them, but years ago they started knocking them down. I loved that this looked like one. 

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