2. Style

The English have a very special style when it comes to fashion. Depending on how a pair of boots and leggings are worn, a scarf or hat, trousers, dresses, accessories, etc... it all has a certain British effort put into it.

Hard to describe, but I can really notice the difference when arriving in England, or comparing the dress of the French or Italian for example. I think the British put more of an effort into their clothes, and clothes are outfits, and outfits become a style. It's a nice change.


3. History

I had to include this in my top ten, as its so fascinating the level of history a place like England has compared to Canada. I find it hard to display in the photos I've taken this idea, but tried with a few images. Not only is history in items like cathedrals, old market squares and historical events and people, but the army. Lots of interesting history I've learned about this past year.


4. Becoming a Domestic Goddess (or at least trying)

In England I find there are more cooking shows, baking shows, and a big focus on wholesome, natural, local, organic foods. The best word to describe many of the shows is "rustic". Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Nigel Slater, Nigella Lawson, ect ect. Its that feel good, belly warming food. This has inspired me to cook and bake more (along with a personal teacher I have here), and to try new things like tarts, or curries, and breads. Along with that comes the inspiration to create- sewing, knitting, ect.


5. Parks & green spaces

There is something about the British that makes them love their parks. I don't know if its the relative size of the country to the population that allows them to cherish space, or the calm and peace a park can bring even in the busiest of cities. With the climate being what it is here the parks are ALWAYS green, even if snow happens to fall, there is always green below. The park in town here has become a fave place to run, stroll, picnic, or just sit.

Gardeners plant flowers all year long, and the grass and hedges always seem to be taken care of. Theres a certain pride. All of these photos (with exception of the last one) were taken in the park in town here, I love this space.


6. Art galleries

They are common in both large cities and small, boasting popular contemporary artists, as well as the old masters. In England, you are never too far from some fine art.


7. Streets

British streets. Yes, its a fave. May seem odd for some, but I can't help but take photos of curvy, rolling, cute, quaint, stylish, old, cobblestoned streets.

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