Day 88- 30/12/09

This fantastic ceiling in a place called Cafe Rene-all empty wine bottles.

Day 87- 29/12/09

A rainy evening in Gloucester. The cathedral shown in the background was host to some scenes in the Harry Potter movies.

Day 86- 28/12/09

A lovely little notebook for Christmas.

Day 85- 27/12/09

A good hearty breakfast to keep me going. 5 hour delay, 8.5 hour flight, 1 hour waiting for baggage, 3 hour train ride, cancelled train, 45 min drive. Journey home, done.

Day 84-26/12/09

The majority of my boxing day is hanging here at the airport, as my flight back to England has been delayed for 4 hours. Took these photos of the frozen tundra driving from my Aunts house, home this morning. I do miss seeing those mountains on a regular basis I do admit.

Day 83- 25/12/09

Awaking to a clear sunny Christmas morning....Lots of eating still to be done!

Day 82- 24/12/09

Merry Christmas! Christmas Eve is the big celebration night for our family. The afternoon starts with the making of the perogies...
Dinner includes my fave foods, and a very special shot.
As the night progresses, things get a little crazy!
Karokee is now a new addition to the celebration
Love Christmas with my family

Merry Christmas!

Day 81-23/12/09

Christmas in a box!

Day 80- 22/12/09

Day 79- 21/12/09

A Christmas spa treat with Mom
Christmas isn't Christmas without the famous tv fire, and a christmas sweater with built in lights! (The little triangle of lights is knitted into a sweater!)

Day 78- 20/12/09

Day 77- 19/12/09

Seen through the eyes of a child...

Good ol first glimpse of the flaming C since being home!

Day 76- 18/12/09

When I first started this blog, the intention was to choose one photo a day to capture what I had experienced on that day. Some days I feel that one photo is just not enough! One of the blogs I read (Quaint Living) uses more than one photo in most posts, I enjoy the look of it. I find it creates more of a story. I've decided to try this when the mood strikes, like my day yesterday.

I allow my niece, who is almost three, to play with my camera. Play=taking photos. This started a couple of years ago, and she knows I am a sucker and will give her my camera. The best part is she knows what she is doing, and I think some of her photos are quite interesting. Here is her artsy shot.

Oh mango and salmon roll. How I've missed you.

Fantastic sushi dinner with a bff. One of the foods I have been missing.

Day 75- 17/12/09

I am fussing around with the format of the blog, hence some changes. Do you prefer the white background to view the photos, the minimal look? Or do you prefer a little more? In a couple days I should have it figured out.

In the meantime, here is an odd, quirky name (and a bad photo to boot!) of a store in Okotoks. Gave us a giggle!

Day 74- 16/12/09

Home for the holidays! Seeing the mountains and the amount of snow today when I landed made me shake my head-though now it feels like Christmas is right around the bend. Great to be back home for Christmas.

Day 73- 15/12/09

The headstone of Ebenezer Scrooge in the church graveyard. One of the Christmas Carol movies was filmed in town, and the town was used as the setting for the entire movie. Underneath the flowers someone had written a note and all it said was "Good ol Eb"

Day 72- 14/12/09

Just like Wallace & Gromit I like my cheese. This is just a few of the cheddar variety that is at Tescos, and like the chocolate aisle the cheese seems to go on and on...

Day 71- 13/12/09

Day after the regimental ball we did nothing. A bit of Chinese and some X Factor. So in turn, here is a photo of my pointsetta- simple and with the season.

Day 70-12/12/09

Regimental Christmas ball

Day 69- 11/12/09

A foggy day in town. Kind of like the song "A Foggy Day In London Town", though its not London. Made it feel like Christmas was coming-I guess this is the closest we will have to snow.

Day 68- 10/12/09

My new adorable teacup and saucer. Have you ever seen anything so pretty? I love, love, love it! A afternoon cuppa of my Harrods strawberry and kiwi tea.

Day 67- 9/12/09

Today I took a trip north to Liverpool. I thought it would be easy to choose a photo for the day. Most likely the photo of the John Lennon statue outside of the Cavern Club-considering I listened to the Beatles all day, and Liverpool=Beatles.

When looking though my photos at home I thought this one was much more fitting. It's taken along the Albert Dock and has some interesting features in it that relate to Liverpool's history. The docks, ships and of course and the railway sign (Did you know: At the start of the 19th century, 40% of the worlds trade was passing through Liverpool?), I love the old buildings popping up behind the new architecture.

Day 66- 8/12/09

"The Exquisite Trove" exhibition at the gallery. The kids loved drawing the crow with two heads.

Day 65- 7/12/09

Charity shops are all over towns in England. Basically second hand goods, vintage and donated items with the profits going to a specific charity. The Red Cross shop has the best displays both in the store and in the window. These pretty clutch purses caught my eye today.

Day 64- 6/12/09

Day 63- 5/12/09

I went into Wolverhampton for a Victorian crafts fair at the gallery. The craft fair was pants as is Wolverhampton, however they had a choir from the local church. I loved the robes with the high necks for the boys. I think the little ones voice on the far right was holding the whole choir together. I did enjoy watching the girl second from left-so cute.

Day 62- 4/12/09

I walk by this hardware store on the way to the gym. What a hodgepodge of items it sells, with many of them hanging on the outside walls!

Day 61- 3/12/09

I love a good window display. Tis the season!

Day 60- 2/12/09

Train home with the commuters.

Day 59- 1/12/09

Day 58- 30/11/09

A splash of history at the Tewkesbury Abbey

Day 57- 29/11/09

Reversible Christmas trees are all the rage here. You can buy one at your local John Lewis for 89 pounds. No joke.

Day 56- 28/11/09

Jungle Fun right in front of the church? Odd. This located in Cirencester. (Try to say that one correctly!) After that we took a trip to the Cotswolds a beautiful area of the country. Generally speaking the rich and famous have homes there.

Day 55- 27/11/09

Train journey from point B to C.

Day 54-26/11/09

Today I had to send a few letters though the post, one which has to arrive at it's destination on monday. The main town center post office was closed because of a power failure, so I was re-directed to one by the Abbey. (What a pain!) The post office lady told me "Walk by the Abbey, and you will pass the Dun Cow pub on your right". This little detour would take me down some streets I have not yet ventured. I got the rest of the directions and did eventually see the Dun Cow pub on my right. Well two things; I really enjoy the name of all the English pubs here they are all different and unique and second I loved this cow perched up top of the pub.

I decided to research what "Dun" meant and came across a wikipedia article (I know, it's not always accurate, though it is interesting!), explaining what Dun meant (dull shade of brownish grey): but did you know that the Dun Cow is an old English Folklore? Neither did I. You can read about it here: The next thing I found interesting was this fact: The Dun Cow, Shrewsbury is one of the oldest public houses in the UK, built by Rodger De Montgomery, first Earl of Shrewsbury circa 1085 as a hostel for the highly skilled masons and master builders bought in to oversee the construction of St. Peter and St. Pauls, (later known as the Abbey). It continues to be a public house and claims to have accommodated many famous people.

Who woulda known?! And to think, if the normal post office would have been open I would have never see the Dun Cow, and found out this info. One of the oldest public houses in the UK? Amazing!

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