Day 270- 28/6/10

Some beautiful flowers at this pub. Too bad the bin is in the photo!

Day 269- 27/6/10

With Englands exit from the World Cup last night, I guess its time to take the flag down.

Day 268- 26/6/10

My birthday! It was a wonderful day.

A perfect end to a perfect day

Day 267- 25/6/10

What was happening in my neck of the woods this weekend.

Day 266- 24/6/10

A birthday present from a girlfriend, an evening out starting with Sex and the City II.

Day 265- 23/6/10

Bus ride...this guy just happened to show up in the photo. I like the profile as it looks like he is wearing a cowboy hat, which reminded me Stampede is coming up at home, and I won't be there. :(

Day 264- 22/6/10

A package from home arrived today with many stamps, and my fave Canadian treat!

Day 263- 21/6/10

The end of the longest day of the that its light so late into the evening.

Day 262- 20/6/10

A visit to Goodrich castle

Day 261- 19/6/10

Starting the walk through part of the Forest of Dean

The wobbly footbridge!

The amazing view from Yat Rock.

A lovely dinner along the riverside, a perfect end to the day!

Day 260- 18/6/10

Day 259-17/6/10

My running partner and I participated in the Cancer Research- 5 K race for life tonight. Such fun, such a good cause...and such good motivation for the next race!

Day 258- 16/6/10

Day 257- 15/6/10

Birmingham had a food festival on today. Actually it's on for 10 days....What a great alternative to a normal lunch break!
I also love seeing a big Pimms sign- yum!

Day 256- 14/6/10

Everyone has football fever! (Even the lettuce?!)

Day 255- 13/6/10

How about another "What are you reading?" post...So tell me?
These are the books I am reading now. Well not all at the same time, but the Hornby one currently, and then onto the others.

Whilst you are answering that question tell me what else you would like to see photos of! It's taken me a couple days to get these last few posts up which I apologize, but am also looking for new photo subjects. Like I've said before, life is life over here, and some days when I am at home, or working there isnt much crazy and exciting to take a photo of! What do you want to see?

Day 254- 12/6/10

During Englands first game of the world cup...Streets were very very quiet. Obviously those two going for a walk were not interested in the game! I could hear the screams and shouts when England scored, and then silence when USA did!

Day 253- 11/6/3

Checking out some new offices currently under construction. A artsy walkway crossing a interior courtyard, so cool.

Day 252- 10/6/10

Day 251- 9/6/10

Go England Go!

Day 250- 8/6/10

Some people have asked me if the photo I put up for the day, was actually taken on that very day...Sure was! I would find it odd to use random photos just for the sake of putting up a photo. However I wanted to put up these photos that were actually taken on the 7th, when driving home through Wales from the ferry. I was impressed by the Welsh countryside, it was so beautiful! This photo was taken right after driving through the 1998 "Village of the year" called Llanbadarn Fyndd.

Yesterday was a gloomy day with lots of rain, a change from all the sun and warmth from Ireland! Lovely to get caught in the rainstorm during our run as well! It was pouring!

Day 241- 31/5/10 to Day 249- 7/6/10

Fantastic trip to Ireland in 7 photos..

Before jumping on the ferry in Wales, little village Little Haven

Temple Bar in the Temple Bar area of Dublin

After taking the tour of the Guinness brewery in Dublin, enjoying our pint of Guinness from the 9th floor of the brewery. Great view of Dublin. Guinness the Guinness factory!

Lovely sunny day spent in Phoenix Park in Dublin...on a tandem bike!

Fishing village of Kinsale

English Market in Cork

Church Bay down in the Cork area

The amazingly sweet Wexford strawberries

Day 240- 30/5/10

Driving to Stroud one evening

Day 239- 29/5/10

Evening out in Gloucester

Day 238- 28/5/10

Pickle! Just doing a little dog sitting...
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