Have I commented on the lack of sushi there is in England? The only place to get sushi where I live is the local M&S, and its really not that good. It's all about the rice, and grocery store sushi never seems to get it right. I decided to finally try it out, and make my own. I've heard some horror stories of homemade sushi so I was crossing my fingers.

A shop in town supplied all the ingredients and the woman was very helpful...hours later....great success! It turned out amazing and not only looked pretty good, tasted like the real thing.


I walk past this on the way to work everyday. It seems once a week they change their window displays with these theatrical, handmade corsets and hats. In the window next to it they create bespoke formal and wedding dresses. It's always a treat to see what they've conjured up. I also love to peek in the window to see the yards and yards of fabrics, laces, and silks they use.


Yes, those are tap shoes.
A week ago I stumbled upon the fact that the theater in town (the new modern one) offers dance classes. As a child into my teens I danced a whole smattering of genres, but my fave was tap. Since I stopped I've always wanted to pick up an adult class once a week to get back into it. Much to my delight they offered tap classes in the dance studio, that is based in the theater. And not only a general tap class, but three levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. I went to the advanced class this week and it was awesome. Within minutes the years of dance came rushing back- I loved it. Just like riding a bike, but in this case a flap ball change.


A couple weeks ago there was some serious flooding in town here. We didn't even have any rain, but it all flows down from the hills in Wales. The river flooded more than I had seen it last year, and even reached as high as the sidewalk. If you've been here, and seen the river, you can imagine how high that is.

Almost looked like it was a lake across the street rather than the river...


Happy Valentines Day!


I figured it was time to get back into the blog...Last week a trip was taken to the unknown country of Andorra for a ski trip! Andorra is a tiny country sitting between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains, known for its skiing. Before moving over here I never knew about this tiny country. The hill was massive and was great for six days of riding, it consisted of 5 different mountain peaks and valleys, with almost 200km of pisted runs. Compared to the mountains at home, I'd say this skiing area was at least 5 times as large if not more...Pretty impressive.

Now that the holidays are over for me, life gets back to normal for a bit. (Before the next adventure!) I will get back on the daily photo schedule of photos here too.

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