Day 333- 31/8/10

I got a fantastic little baking book for my birthday and have been trying new recipes from it, today its very simple chocolate chip cookies. For this recipe I needed this Golden Syrup, which comes in this beautiful tin. I don't know if we have such a thing in Canada but it tastes divine and if it wasn't pure sugar I am sure I'd lick the spoon clear each time I used it!

What a beautiful color!

All of the sugars in my baking stash. Seriously, why are there so many! And this isn't even all the different types you can get in the store. Don't get me started on all the flours I have either...

Day 332- 30/8/10

A busy Monday on the high street. The sun finally has shown its face here in town, and its a bank holiday. A good combo!

Day 331- 29/8/10

A washing machine in the kitchen seems normal now, but on a lazy sunday afternoon after putting the wash in, I remembered that its not! Well, maybe it is normal, but I am pretty sure most homes in Canada have their washing machine in the basement or a different room. Its quite handy having it here actually, just another English thing that feels like the norm now!

I had a conversation with a friend from home about quitting the blog after a year. She didn't like the idea and thought I should continue it. Her perspective of the blog was that I was doing it for people at home so that they know what is happening and not for myself. Its true, I use it as a good snippet of the every day over here, but more so for YOU the reader. I am going to try to shift my thinking to maybe doing it a bit more for me, and therefore you, as the viewer, can still enjoy the photos and ramblings with maybe a different shift, and maybe, just maybe, I will keep it going after that 365 day mark.

Day 330- 28/8/10

A lovely saturday afternoon lunch at the Armory. Its a place in town with a nice history and some super yummy food.

Day 329- 27/8/10

The Domestic Goddess strikes again!

(A little bit of skyping and baking!)

Day 328- 26/8/10

Strawberry & pear cider. Yum! If only the sun was out to enjoy it in the park...Oh well.

Day 327- 25/8/10

It's been really nice here lately. Lots of rain, wind, coldness. Pretty much feels like winter.

Day 326- 24/8/10

Day 325- 23/8/10

Grabbing lunch and a couple bits and bobs at the grocery store Waitrose. This is not a usual place to shop at as there is not one nearby the flat. Really nice food and high class brands. I've been sloppy with the blog lately, and its not long till the counter will hit 365 days of being in England. Some days I plan to stop the blog on day 365, maybe posting from time to time...what do you think?

Day 324- 22/8/10

A terrible game of golf, but a lovely outing nonetheless!

Day 323- 21/8/10

Day 322- 20/8/10

Aston Villa football club. We were here for a networking event during the day, and then took advantage of the tour of the stadium, locker room ect after. Why not? I have not been to a football game yet, but this gave me a little more interest to attend one.

Players shower room

The pitch

Day 321- 19/8/10

A nice sunrise at 5am...Awake thanks to a little jet lag.

Day 320- 18/8/10

Is that not the cutest car?!

Day 319- 17/8/10

My next sewing project, a bit of bunting... (Still in the prelim stages)

Day 318- 16/8/10

The blue glow of the Manchester tunnel in the airport from terminal to train station

Passport and a suitcase filled with lululemon and kraft dinner

Day 317- 15/8/10

Farewell to the flat Alberta landscape for now...

Day 316- 14/8/10

Looking towards downtown


Day 315- 13/8/10

The Alberta Wild Rose- Our provincial flower

And another fantastic Canadian sight- look at all that Kraft Dinner!

Day 314- 12/8/10

We spent the day in Drumheller an interesting place with a great history of finding lots of dinosaurs in the area, and a fantastic museum.

Worlds biggest dinosaur!!!!

From inside the mouth of the beast


Day 313- 11/8/10

A visit to Fort Steele, an old 1800's town with many original buildings that have been restored.

A stop off at Lussier natural hot springs, high up in the BC rockies and just off a logging road. A very neat experience, with water getting up to 108 degrees!

Day 312- 10/8/10

A visit to the Bavarian town of Kimberley

Happy Hans!!!! Even though you couldn't put a quarter in to make him sing and dance, he still came out every hour at 4 min past to yodel.

Day 311- 9/8/10

A couple days away from the city, a road trip to BC. We took a stop over at my Uncle & Aunts ranch on the way. Beautiful area and so very peaceful. We took a little ride around the property to try to spot some bears, but no luck this time.

A drive by Frank Slide...This photo does not do the disaster justice, pretty crazy to see.

Worlds biggest truck- Titan! A coal mining truck in Sparwood BC
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