The Royal Wedding is tomorrow...
What can I say about it that you don't know already? I've heard that Canada is wedding mad, and over here it's crazy. I thought I'd take some photos of the shopfronts in town, as many have decorated for the big day.

Are you watching the wedding? If you are home in Canada, is your alarm set for 4am?

We are planning to go to the pub to watch- should be fun.

Even simple bunting in windows creates a festive atmosphere

My fave wine shop in town (Tanners) has a fun window display

Tanners window...

Even the knitting shop in town is in the spirit...


Last week were were skiing/snowboarding in the Alps at Val d'Isere. It was pretty awesome... hundreds of kilometers of piste, thousands of meters of vertical drop and stunning scenery. Just make sure you keep your elbows up in the lift queues- it's every many for himself.


I decided to treat myself to some springy pumps (or flats as we'd call them at home) today. M&S has some cute shoes in this season. Wedges are also quite in this season, and that will be my next purchase. I read so many fashion blogs these days, I thought I'd do a mini fashion post of my own.

M&S shoes are quite comfortable at first wear, and don't need to be broken in like shoes in other stores- thats the worst.

What spring item have you purchased this season for your closet?

I expect responses from this question readers- I know you are out there! Comments are my motivation to post, and its always nice to hear from you :)

Going on a little vacay as of today so looking forward to reading your responses when we are back. Have a good week and happy Easter!


The annual cartoon festival is in town this weekend. If you remember from last year I posted pics of the artists work. Since I saw these on the first day of the festival things were just starting to take shape.


I know the snow is brewing at home (still!) but the daffys have been in full bloom for weeks now...Love when Spring arrives at the right time of year and not months late!

11 & 12/ 4/11

Homecoming parades were held this week for the Royal Irish Regiment on their return home from a seven month Afghanistan tour. One was held in the town by the base, and one in our town. It was an awesome to see the Regiment marching through the towns, and the community support for the troops. Welcome home boys.


With the weather being so nice, we decided to get out and enjoy the sun. Today brought a hill walk (or hike if you are Canadian) up the Long Mynd, one of the hills in the local area. Excellent way to spend the day.


The day started off with some mist, but turned into a really nice day with a high of 18. What could you do on a day like today?

Enjoy a pint at the pub...

Lay around the Quarry and have a picnic...

Or go for an afternoon bike ride along the river...


Yum yum yum!!!! Homemade sushi- becoming a bit more adventurous this time around. It's those darn inside out rolls I have to work on getting tigter. This time around also had some homemade sweet chili sauce- amazing!


Finally. The days have been getting warmer, and that cool winter breeze is warming up as well. I reckon give those trees a week and they will be in full swing.

However not complaining about a cool breeze every now and then, as the folks at home are dealing with yet another spring snowstorm. Yuck!


It's been a while since my domestic goddess skills have kicked in. Today a little baking occurred to welcome a certain someone home :)
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