Day 301- 30/7/10

Love the "living wall" on the side of this office in Birmingham.

Day 300- 29/7/10

Darwin memorial sculpture in town...The weather looks nice in this pic, I admit the photo is a couple weeks old and I realized I have not put it on the blog yet. The weather this week has been pants.

Day 299- 28/7/10

Love a good window display.

Day 298- 27/7/10

I've dropped the ball with the blog again, sorry everyone!
I picked up my bespoke mask today for the masked ball I am attending on saturday. Its so beautiful, but I don't know if a mask really suits my face! Oh well. At least it matches the dress! ;)

Day 297- 26/7/10

Love getting a beautiful bunch of flowers such as this :) Good day.

Day 296- 25/7/10

Alton Towers. A theme park like none other, just an hour away from home. Amazing roller coasters and a fantastic day with friends. We started the day off with this ride. Oblivion. Crazy. Only lasts like 60 seconds, but what a 60 seconds it is. At the top of the track you pause for 2 seconds looking almost straight down (as seen in this pic) then you DROP straight down. So freaky.

The hole which you drop into on Oblivion

This is Air. The track is above you, and you are laying basically in a hand glider type thing...but its a rollercoaster. Amazing, like flying!

This is Nemisis. You sit with the track above you, your legs hanging below you. Awesome, my fave of the day and so scary.

Nemisis in the full inversion loop

Day 295- 24/7/10

The rain held off for a bbq we attended this evening, and what a lovely night it was. I love the bunting that was hanging in the garden (seen in the left hand corner of the photo), its a bit of a summer thing around here and I would hang it in the flat if I could.

Day 294- 23/7/10

We had a lovely lunch here at these tearooms today...Been in a couple times and the owner is so welcoming each time!

Beautiful flowers in the castle courtyard

Day 293- 22/7/10

Taken inside a church in town here. I love the design on the steps...Winding up to who knows where...

Day 292- 21/7/10

A day spent in Manchester...

Manchester also has an "eye"...Like the London Eye, and Liverpool Eye.

Day 291- 20/7/10

Welcome to Liverpool!

Guinness Time!

We took a visit to the Cavern Club...If you don't know this is where the Beatles played their first gig, and 272 after that. We went down to the club to check it out, and there was a band warming up. Best part is that it was Beatles songs.

No, it's not snowing outside. Its just the British summer. (Looking out to the river Mersey from the Tate Liverpool)

Day 290- 19/7/10

Hello again! See the post on day 285 for my excuse for my late posting!
Love seeing a little Canadian influence whilst over here.

Day 289- 18/7/10

We took a day trip to Chester, just north of here. Went to visit the cathedral (free on a sunday!) and saw this beautiful sculpture in the courtyard.

Day 288- 17/7/10

Great shirt!

Day 287- 16/7/10

A visit to the Tate

Day 286- 15/7/10

Wandering through Leicester Square they were setting up for the Karate Kid premier. We then saw in the paper the next day Will Smith and family (and probably Jackie Chan) were there...Cool, but not cool enough for us to wait for 8 hours to see the stars like these people were doing!

Day 285- 14/7/10

The blog has come to a complete halt! Sorry! My BFF from home is here, and that is my excuse...
Last wednesday started with a trip to London...

Day 284- 13/7/10

Yo! Sushi for lunch! Yo! sushi is a chain here in the UK, and is always a safe bet for a fast, and good lunch. Colored plates with corresponding prices, on a little conveyor belt- a twist on the sushi boats that sail by in other places.

Day 283- 12/7/10

My window plants are doing ok...the basil died after the Ireland trip, but these three sprigs were the strong ones... Always good to have fresh herbs in the kitchen.

I've been a bit tardy on posts the last few days- apologies for that!

Day 282- 11/7/10

I love when this car is parked across the flat, you may remember seeing it from a previous post.
This building is just down the street from the flat, and is to let (for rent)...I walk by it everyday and always think what a great art gallery, or office it would make.

Day 281- 10/7/10

Another lush product from M&S...Lemonchello cream, only for a limited time! Kinda like whipped cream, nice on pudding.

Day 280- 9/7/10

Stores like this make me drool.
All over the floor in the store.
I want everything.

Day 279- 8/7/10

M&S is advertising school uniforms already. Cute little cardboard British children though!

Day 278- 7/7/10

I take the bus through some very cute villages near by... I like this little cottage. The tudor style is prevalent around this area...

Day 278- 6/7/10

I like the vintage feel of this petrol sign.

Day 277- 5/7/10

Plastic coated fabric for only 2 pounds! Amazing. hah....There is a reason its so cheap, who wants to use this stuff!?

Day 276- 4/7/10

The Headington Shark. I know. Weird right?
Again, its art.

Day 275- 3/7/10

We spent a lovely, warm afternoon in Oxford at a bbq for a friends birthday. Unlike what the Beatles seem to think about getting tanned in the English rain, we had brilliant sun all afternoon, great food, company, and drink.

However all of that was only captured by some feet and the champagne glasses!

Punts along the river

On the way into Oxford centre for the evening out

Day 274- 2/7/10

My weekend lead me down to Oxford for a few days to celebrate a friends birthday. Friday night I was invited out for some Lindy Hoping! If you don't know what Lindy is, well think 1920's Charlston-esque moves.

Since I had never tried this before, and everyone I was there with had been taking lessons for a while they helped me out with a couple steps so I could give it a whirl. It was great, and for some reason gave me the unique feeling of being in England like this does not happen in Canada at all-though I am sure it does.

Enjoyed it so much, that we are looking for classes in Birmingham!

Day 273- 1/7/10

Happy Canada day!
I had the chance to attend the Canada Day celebrations in Trafalgar square, it was fantastic. Nothing like the feeling of being surrounded by fellow ex pats on your country's day. The highlight was getting photos with the mountie, watching a bit of street hockey, hearing people with accents like mine, and of course the food.

We had some Sleeman honey brown, hickory sticks, nibs, and the chance to get some poutine if we really dared. It was a great day.

Day 272- 30/6/10

Jack Johnson in London. Need I say more?

I adore him, and have loved his music for many years. This will be the third time I've seen him, and he's always fantastic, and always makes you feel like you are the only one in the room. Great show.

Day 271- 29/6/10

I am a city girl at heart, but love that as soon as you leave a town, or city here you are smack dab in the middle of the country. Cows mooing, the smells of the farm, wide open spaces.

I have been out of town for the past few days,but promise posts will be up today!
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