17/12/11- Traditions


What traditions do you carry on every Christmas? Have your traditions changed after getting married or having a family of your own?

One of our traditions is our awesome traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner. We've always celebrated Christmas that way, and I can't imagine not doing so. It's a very special dinner, with lots of family history. Part of the dinner involves perogies, which my cousin and I make every Christmas Eve morning...

 So tell me, what traditions do you cherish?

15/12/11- Homemade love

As mentioned in a previous post, a friend and I got together recently to do a little crafting to make some homemade gifts. 

Every Christmas season I have a enlightened moment where I consider whipping up fantastic homemade gifts for family and friends, but the moment leaves and I don't do it. Saying that, I always make truffles to give away and have been doing so for years and years, but would love to do more. 

I also spoke to a friend the other day who is giving away homemade gingerbread, shortbread and Baileys. (Homemade Baileys! I had no idea!!! I think I have to try that just for fun). What a great idea.

I'm thankful for the motivation from my friend to create these gifts, of which both turned out perfect! 

So...do you create any homemade gifts for friends and family? Do you have an annual treat that you make each year to give away?

A little peek at our creations. Apologies for the poor image. The flash on my lovely camera decided to stop working and I am now left with poor photos and no camera. Boo.

12/12/11- Chew chew, its lunch time!

This weekend my cousin, friend and myself attended Market Collective. I took only two photos and they were pretty poor, so chose not to blog about that event.

However, if you are in the YYC area, I highly suggest attending a Market Collective event sometime. (There is one again next weekend). We made sure to get our Christmas-themed photo taken with the odd outfits and humorous poses as well...what a hoot!

A few weeks ago I went for lunch with a friend in a small town just south of Calgary. We decided to lunch in the cute cafe that is located in a train car! The food was great, but of course the idea of eating in a stationary, old, CP rail train car was more delightful!

After this we checked out a local shop with excessive antiques. Will share the photos soon.

9/12/11- Christmas Crafting

Last night my friend and I got together to create some Christmas gifts for friends. We made a few very cute gifts that she had found on a blog. (Oh blogs, what would we do without you?)

Cute Christmas crafts deserves great supplies. 

We went to the local quilting shop in her town to find some fabric, and what a treat! This was no ordinary quilting shop. The building which it was located in was well preserved and loved. 

The floors, ceiling, lights- and all the little touches around the store were beautiful. 

Now, you may want to see what we created...but I will have to save those pics till the gifts are given. I don't want any recipients to see the photos on here in advance of Christmas!

8/12/11- Gingerbread house time!

Yesterday I had the pleasure to make a gingerbread house with my cousins children. Oh so fun! 

I purchased one of those pre-made kits, as though I do love to bake, I am not an architect. ha! The thought of making each piece to an exact size was too much- maybe another year.  

The kiddies did a great job of decorating, I was the builder of the house and icing squeezer. 

Do you make a gingerbread house every year? 

'Look! There's the one I put on'

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