Certain products in the UK carry the coat of arms on the package, as well as the statement: "by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen". Interestingly enough this means that the Queen approves of these specific brands and products, and they are the official supplier of these products to the Queen and the palace. How special is that!

Couple of snaps of things around the house with this: dish soap, wellies and sugar.


Tis the season for the Christmas baking to begin. Its been ages since I made gingerbread, but I thought this may be a good treat. However the cutie little men are soon to be sent off to Afghanistan for the boys out there in their Christmas packages.

Anyways, one reason I wanted to post this was I find it interesting to know where food originated from, kind of odd but nonetheless. Turns out that gingerbread was actually invented just a mere 20 min down the road in a nearby town. Kinda cool right? Even cooler that this town has a pub entitled "The Gingerbread Man"! Fantastic.


So I think I have an idea for the blog...last year it was documenting my days with a photo, nothing specific but just choosing an image to represent my day. For the next chapter of this blog I am going to focus on what makes this country so special, and different from Canada. I think if I was reading this in Canada, that is what I would like to see. How things are done differently here, products, ect...What do you think?

Lets start with this (badly taken) photo of tuesdays news. Wow.
I know Kate and Williams engagement is in the news in Canada, however its crazy here. They made the front of every single paper here. Every. Single. Paper. And there are 10, 15, 20 different papers. Thats a lot of coverage. That evening they were on the news, and there were shows entitled "William and Kate- the love story" I am sure the producers of those shows had that produced for years, and were just waiting till this day to get that engagement clip in.

Hey, I'm all for a Royal wedding. I love weddings, and I like the Royal family and all of the twists and turns its been though. There are lots of people complaining about the engagement and how they dont care, but a journalist made a good point. The Royal fam needs a positive, heart warming story. It makes the people of Britain happy and thats not a bad thing!


I think it may be time to get back into the blog...I mean, clearly the photo-a-day kept me on track, now it just seems too easy not to post! I have a couple photos I took the other day that may be quite fitting for my friends back home in snowy Canada.

There is a company here called Innocent drinks. They create things like smoothies and juices, with a very healthy approach. No additives or sugars, and some really interesting mixes. They've also started getting into things like veg pots for healthy lunches. I have one of the smoothie cookbooks, and they are such a unique company with a great ethos. The floor in their offices are astro turf, and they have a pet sheep (plastic of course).
Anyways, for the month of November they had a ton of volunteers (and grannies!) knit these tiny little touques (or knitted hats as they call them here, as no one knows what a touque is) for the top of the bottles, and 25p of each drink goes to Age UK a charity for the elder population- (things like health care and stuff I believe). At first I was like "what is the point? A knitted hat on a bottle?" Then I saw them all sitting there on the stores shelf- all different patterns and styles and it looked almost cute. So I had to buy one, the marketing ploy worked!


I refer to this blog once a day...and everytime I look at it I think..."I really should get back into this". I think what I want to try to do is thematic weeks, something to focus on when taking photos. I have not forgot about the blog, and still want to keep it going, promise!

In the meantime here is a photo for Remembrance Day.


1. Now this last post for my 'top ten things I love' may be a bit syrupy sweet for some of you...

And you may think its a bit cheesy...

But I can't think of anything else I love more in this country then my boyfriend (or partner as you I would refer to him over here). Not saying anything more mushy than that, but he had to be number 1!
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