Day 179- 31/3/10

Day 178- 30/3/10

Day 177- 29/3/10

A really lovely door, hidden away in a tiny street.

Not sure what was happening, but I couldn't get this photo uploaded yesterday, sorry for the delay.

Day 176- 28/3/10

Blogs are funny things as you never really know who is reading them, even if you do have a tracker installed. I got some weird and random comments yesterday that clearly looked like spam. This annoyed me and I wondered why people do that.

I've changed the comment settings, so if you have any issues commenting please let me know. I do appreciate the comments and like hearing your thoughts about the photos, it gives me that extra motivation to keep putting photos up.

Day 175- 27/3/10

A lovely spring day for doing errands around town. The sun was out, though the air still had a bit of a bite to it.

I also love photos of spring flowers (these for a friend), so please don't be surprised if many posts from this day on involve flowers.

Day 174- 26/3/10

Lots of March showers these days, but the flowers are out and blooming!

Day 173- 25/3/10

Install week at the gallery. A very exciting time, even walls are taken down and re-built...I had no idea of all the changes a simple room could go through!

Day 172- 24/3/10

Trying to kick the last few stages of this cold. Dr. Stuart's tea has such fun little illustrations on their boxes, and the tea is quite nice as well!

Day 171- 23/3/10

Today I took the bus across town to meet a group of people that didn't show. Well they showed, but left early. Long story.

This forced me to then take the bus back home, in the dark. All of the sudden the town that I have become so familiar with became a whole new place. Going down streets I had not yet been, seeing stores and shops I had never seen before. (example: a take away store called "Crazy Chicken" or something like that that sells chicken, pizza, and kebabs, and has an American flag on its sign?!?!)

It's funny that taking a bus in a new area can make you seem like a foreigner. It completely turned me around and felt like a bit of an adventure.
This photo was taken on the way to the meeting place, obviously not in the dark on the way home. As you can see we have that lovely green grass happening, but it was a very dull and rainy day.

Day 170- 22/3/10

Today I was a part of a photo workshop in a suburb of Birmingham hosted by artist Stuart Whipps. Part of the workshop was taking photos around this area with locals (part of a community art group), regarding what their neighbourhood means to them. This is part of a larger project for that area.

They were to cut down all photos from the day to their five faves. I decided to take some photos as well, and chose my five from the day. Stuart's photos are processed in a square (because of the type of film and camera he uses), so I tried cropping mine in a square. I find it gives them a interesting and different look.

Day 169- 21/3/10

A very cool sight on the hill today. The little guy in this photo is visually impaired and was learning to ski! He followed the fellow in the black jacket, as strapped to his back were a set of speakers playing music and a constant beat. Then the skier in the red followed them creating a mini train down the hill. Just by listening to the beat he did a great job of following the music, and skiing. Amazing.

Day 168- 20/3/10

The season is coming to a close, though we still got a great weekend from the hill in Scotland. Lots of snow had melted since the last trip a month ago. This loch (lake) was also frozen solid last trip...

Day 167- 19/3/10

A weekend trip up to Scotland to enjoy the last of the snow. On the way up some fun sights...Finally getting to see the car referenced in this post- If the name means nothing to you, then you may remember it from Mr. Bean. Hilarious.
A full rainbow
Welcome to Carrbridge

Day 166- 18/3/10

Day 165- 17/3/10

Happy St. Paddys day!

(A photo of a tree? Not very creative I know. If only I still had my fresh shamrock from the parade on saturday.)

In other news the air and sun felt warm today-almost spring?!

Day 164- 16/3/10

One of the exits from the train station leads out right under the castle. Is it odd to get used to seeing a castle every day?

Day 163- 15/3/10

Jaunt from one gallery to the next. Checked out the small Bridget Riley show in Birmingham today- very cool paintings.

Day 162- 14/3/10

Timmys!!! A lovely morning surprise. To see that cup in my hand was just like I was at home. The taste of the coffee and doughnuts was a bit different then the ones at home, but I didn't mind.

Day 161- 13/3/10

St. Paddy's day parade, very interesting. Some great hats in the front row worn by some of the important women attending.

Day 160- 12/3/10

Lunch & tea at one of the local tea rooms... Quite quaint, and a bit unique.

Day 159- 11/3/10

Afternoon trip to Ludlow, and Ludlow castle. (Here you go W!)

Day 158- 10/3/10

My reading material for the day...Times, Grazia, Glamour & book "Albert & George". I admit I never buy Glamour but did today. You can see that you get a free hair product with purchase of the 2 pound mag! Why not eh?

This is something else the UK does that Canada does not. Mags tend to do this every now and then, include a gift. It may be another mag, hair stuff, nail polish, key chains, hand cream, I've even seen a clutch purse! The possibilities are endless. So what if I bought the magazine for the hair stuff?! Obviously their ploy worked!

Day 157- 9/3/10

Train ride home

Day 156- 8/3/10


Day 155- 7/3/10

The easter egg selection staying fresh at the grocery store. This aisle of the easter eggs is actually three times as long as what is shown here in this photo.

Day 154- 6/3/10

A post box that goes into a wall? (It's no trick, but sure looks cool)

Day 153- 5/3/10

It's been 153 days I've been here, and I am STILL seeing new sights every day. It makes taking a photo a day very easy too! After having a lovely lunch outside I did a little wander in an area of town I hadn't walked in before.

I enjoy the little streets that are windy, and different, and around each new corner is a new sight.

Day 152- 4/3/10

When flowers like these are only 99p, how can you resist?!

Day 151- 3/3/10

I like the vintage look of this dry cleaners sign.

Day 150- 2/3/10

I love a painted door! At my parents house back home we have a purple door, it brings a nice je ne sais quoi to the house. I think a coloured door is a more common occurrence here however. I also love the look of flower boxes from a window. I am trying to figure out how to do that at the flat here...

I have a number of favorite blogs I read every day, and got a little surprise mention from this pretty daily blog- Thank you Kathy! Such a sweet gesture.

Day 149- 1/3/10

I'm not sure if it was the bright sun, the blue sky, the first day of March or the glow of Canada's gold medal from hockey, but it was a beautiful day out today. It truly feels like spring is in bloom here, and I look forward to seeing if this will be the first month of March where I don't see any snow.

For the first time in a while I didn't have a sweater/jumper on under my coat, just a t-shirt. I was tempted to bring out the sunglasses, and even saw a couple cruising round with the top down. (Saying that, they were bundled up with scarves and jackets)

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