Day 120- 31/1/10

Day 119- 30/1/10

Today I tried a new recipe of making pistachio macaroons...My first time doing so, and wasn't sure what was going to happen until the end! When reading more about them I felt relieved as "Making macarons requires a great deal of discipline and is a process that is highly dependent on exactitude, technique, and proper equipment. For this reason it is a notoriously difficult recipe to master and a frustrating endeavor for the amateur baker.".

Day 118-29/1/10

These photos were taken within hours of each other-we have some serious Calgary-style weather happening here!

Day 117- 28/1/10

Where is the knitted character! For those of you outside the UK this post may not be all that exciting. The last of my Christmas gifts arrived today, the knitted character from the show "Harry Hill's TV Burp" Every week the knitted character is hidden somewhere in a show-its a cute little segment I love, and now have a knitted character of my own!

Day 116- 27/1/10

A quick trip to Italy?! Nope, just Antonios the local hair dresser right beside the pizza place. Just happened to have this very pretty vespa parked in front. I always thought when I moved to Europe that I would nip around town in a vespa- maybe one day I will!

Day 115- 26/1/10

A cool wintery day. It was a good day though to pop into the library and check out what they have...I have books on the brain these days after last nights book club, new book suggestions, and discovering the library. What are you reading right now?

Me? Finishing "Cranford" our January book, "Knit Two" a lovely story of female friends and knitting, "253" a book about people on the London Tube, and will soon start "All Quiet on the Western Front", Februarys book club pick.

Day 114- 25/1/10

Today I went inside that bookshop I had mentioned here. It's four floors with two tiny rooms on each floor, packed top to bottom with books. The building is old, with creaking and loose floorboards, walls that were shifting, and a staircase that felt as if it were to fall apart in seconds. It sounds quite dangerous actually, but what a little treasure!

Day 113- 24/1/10

Day 112- 23/1/10

I read a lot of very cute and creative blogs these days, A Beautiful Mess being my favorite. The addicting thing about blogs is that they link, and reference another blog, so you read that, then get linked to a cute idea or photo, ect ect. The reading of all these blogs is stirring up my artsy-dare I say- crafty side...

I saw this diy on A.B.M the other day and was keen to try it out. I have a plan instead of making hair bows however.

This took me to the local fabric shop to get some bits and bobs for my afternoon. The store was filled with young girls, teenagers, and the older folk all buying fabric and supplies. This seemed to be the place to be this afternoon.

Day 111- 22/1/10

Day 110- 21/1/10

When I was out today I grabbed my camera to take a photo, to quickly realize I had no battery in the camera. Pants! Instead here is my afternoon task...Ah the beautiful cookbook (and my new apron!) comes out.

Day 109- 20/1/10

Under the shelter of my umbrella from the rain...Still finding interesting little streets and stores like this bookstore packed full of old books.

Day 108- 19/1/10

Yes, another photo of tea. I have been converted to drinking tea with milk and a bit of sugar. Some new British friends were astonished that I normally drank it black, so I tried the milk and sugar-and liked it. Nothing goes better with a lot of procrastinated paperwork (and blog reading) than a nice cuppa.

Day 107- 18/1/10

On my run today this house caught my eye. It's a mix of pretty and odd I think...

Day 106- 17/1/10

A lovely sunday stroll through some of the tiny streets in town...

Day 105- 16/1/10

One day of rain melted the snow and revealed the green grass! It felt like spring had sprung. However, with melting snow comes the rise of the river again. Ah weather.

Day 104- 15/1/10

A dreary day outside the gallery....Yick!

Day 103- 14/1/10

I love little stores like this. LOVE. I feel like they are everywhere in England, and not so much at home in Canada. (I know, they do exist in Canada, but you need to search them out!) Stores like this make me want to fill the flat with random bits and pieces. I think my next tea pot will come from here.

Day 102- 13/1/10

I love waking up to a new blanket of snow outside. It's been snowing all day here, and around the rest of England. In Canada our snow can be around from October through April, and frankly the excitement of it all wears off once it gets into the minus 20's & 30's, you just can't get up to the hill to snowboard and enjoy it, and visibility when driving becomes zero.

It seems now that I live in a new place where grass is always green, a place not typical to have snow that stays on the ground. I am really enjoying it, and like that it is around. Even if it can be seen as a national disaster. I guess its like a little piece of home.

Day 101- 12/1/10

A trip to the library in town to get some info about book clubs in the area. A suggestion made by a friend as a good way to meet people, also motivation for me to keep reading. A statue of Darwin sits at the entrance-have I ever mentioned that this is his birthplace?

Day 100- 11/1/10

100 days in Great Britain!

Day 99- 10/1/10

Two exciting things today, seeing snow angels outside and finding perogies in the grocery store!

Day 98- 9/1/10

Welcome to England!

Day 97-8/1/10

A cold and clear day, taking a break from the hill to walk around the town. I love the look of these guest houses.

Day 96- 7/1/10

An abandoned car on the way to the hill
The daily lunchtime challenge-who could finish the steak & ale pie.

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