How cute is this?!!?
I can't wait till the 29th to go to the pub to watch the wedding. (Yes, going to the pub to watch the wedding is the thing to do! Either that, or host a street party. Or so I've heard)


Spring blooms are finally arriving! These were from a tree just outside the flat, and I couldn't help but grab a couple for a vase. Though it looks like a beautiful day right now (blue sky and sun at 9am) its only 0 degrees! Really hoping it gets to the days high of 12 soon.


Happy St. Paddy's Day!


This post is a couple days late- whoops!
As mentioned in my previous post, I was on about independent coffee shops and how great they are. This is one that just opened in town here. It's right on the main street across from the train station- which in my opinion is a great location.

Two doors down is the town bakery which I've raved about since moving here. They are supplying cakes, savory snacks and the like to the coffee shop which is great as well. It's a bright space with large windows, cool decorating and some local art. Nice prices and most important good coffee. In the future they plan on opening the lower level for more seating, and having live music gigs there in the evening.


Today I popped over to a new cafe in Birmingham for a coffee. Independent cafes are a big thing here, and seem to be making a strong movement towards good coffee, and not just "a" coffee. You know? I've read a lot about this particular cafe and had a nice chat with the head barista about his new premise as he carefully crafted my cappuccino.

Leads me to my blog post for March 15th. Anyways, ended up in a different area of town (different from "the creative quarter"), more corporate. I liked stumbling upon this park, and it was nice to see a new sight in a city I've become quite familiar with.


Sunday was a really lovely day in the county so we took advantage for a wee hill walk. It was nice to get to the top to see the surrounding area. Beautiful blue skies, and almost a warmth in the air. Crossing my fingers that spring is going to arrive soon.


It's that time again, what are you reading?
Here is the stack of books I am currently reading, have just finished, or am about to read. I won't give a big book review or anything, but will say a few words about each. So, my next question is tell me what you've read lately that I should pick up.

1. One of us: Like the Matrix meets Inception.
2. Marriage Bureau for Rich People: Look inside the world of arranged Indian marriages.
3. The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous: Pure British smut.
4. Mennonite in a Little Black Dress: Have not read it yet, about one womans life as a mennonite.
5. Though Thick and Thin: Mid read, Gok's autobiography. Really interesting and sad.


It's pancake day/Shrove Tuesday today- did you have your pancakes today?
There is something so fun about having breakfast for dinner isn't there? I made the Brit style of pancakes for my Shrove Tuesday meal, thin like crepes with lemon and sugar. Give em a try...


I love daffys at this time of year, they are so cheerful and add a little color to an otherwise very dull and grey English sky.

I've got a couple lemons up on the windowsill for this tuesdays "pancake day" or as most of us know it Shrove Tuesday. They advertise pancake day like valentines day here (well maybe not that excessive). Even one whole section in M&S is roped off for all your pancake desires. Pancake mix, lemon, lemon juice, sugar, pre-made pancakes, and some syrups. In the UK they are very thin (like crepes) and they put lemon and sugar on them.

This post sounds familiar, and I believe I blogged about this last year on pancake day, will have to take a look.


I've dropped the ball. Again.

I promise I don't do this on purpose, but it's the same thing I've been on about before. After almost living here for a year and a half the things I would take a photo of a year ago, is now normal, and if its a part of my every day I've probably taken a photo of it already! I don't know if the blog would work with posts happening haphazardly, but I am not ready to give it up yet.


Whilst you think, here is a pic I took a year ago. I took it on the train to Birmingham (I think), as I must have gone into the city one day. This train ride has now become part of my my daily routine. It's interesting to look back at photos from a year ago to see where you were.

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