Day 148- 28/2/10


Day 147- 27/2/10

The trip home was a fairly long one thanks to engineering works on the train lines. This happens pretty much every weekend, cross country train lines, within London, etc. It's a pain, and can make a two hour journey become a four hour journey.

Here are my three station changes from todays trip home.

Day 146- 26/2/10

Bikes, bikes, bikes! Nope it's not Holland, but a trip to Oxford.

Day 145- 25/2/10

Day 144- 24/2/10

Waiting for the kettle to boil

Day 143- 23/2/10

Three sights I enjoyed today: The flower stands in Birmingham on this bitterly cold day.
Tim Hortons at a little shop in Birmingham. (There is actually a garage close to town here that sells Tims coffee as well). It took me a second once I saw it to realize "Hey! Thats a bit of out of place here!" To answer your question, no I didn't have any coffee but will next time. For those of you unfamiliar with Timmys I can safely say its a Canadian staple. (My question is how old are those doughnuts? Are they shipped from Canada?)
Public art.

Day 142- 22/2/10

One day I wrote a post about a package from home. It included a Canadian olympic shirt, and some smarties. I then made the comment that Canadian smarties were better than the British ones. Oddly enough this post got some of the most comments of any other on here, and I had some further discussions about how I was wrong, that British smarties are better. (Or so I was told).

British smarties come in colors like this. They come in a long tube, with a nicely designed lid that opens and closes. The orange ones taste like a chocolate orange.

They are different, and good...However I still like the Canadian ones.

Day 141- 21/2/10


Day 140- 20/2/10

A day at the hill in Aviemore...
Warm, gooey, macaroni and cheese....
Once the hill started to get busy, the lift (t-bar) lines started to go up the hill. It was just silly and odd. Someone needs to teach the Scots how to run lift lines. There was more than one run-in with people jumping the line.
There is always one with jeans on!

Day 139- 19/2/10

The front sitting room in the hotel/B&B in Scotland. A roaring fire was a nice accompaniment to a glass of wine at the end of the day! Lovely carpet too.

Day 138- 18/2/10

After 138 days I am starting to get used to pretty scenes like this around town. I want to make sure I don't become complacent, and fail to appreciate what is around me. It still feels so "magical"! I also have realized there are some daily sights around town I have yet to share, for example the "Reliant Robin".

It's cold and wet here, but up north there is snow...Therefore we will be pulling out some olympic moves of our own by taking this weekend to go snowboarding/skiing in Scotland. Look forward to some snow photos come sunday evening.

Have a good weekend! (Go Canada go!)

Day 137- 17/2/10

There has always been something about a bike leaning against a wall that interests me. Seems so quaint and picturesque.

Day 136- 16/2/10

A cotton candy sky

Day 135- 15/2/10

Lemons! I chose this as my photo of the day for three reasons:

1) When grocery shopping today I learned that here in Britain lemons & sugar is a traditional topping to shrove tuesday (tomorrow) pancakes. I had no idea! There were even crates of lemons in the store labeled "Don't forget your lemons for pancakes!"

2) Another domestic goddess pudding made, lemon & almond cake.

3) Lemons are yellow. Yellow is basically gold. Yesterday Canada won their first ever gold medal on home soil in 34 years. So very exciting. Go canada go!

Day 134- 14/2/10

Some pretty images on this valentines day... Wouldn't it be lovely to wake up to a sky like this every day? (This is from Scotland last month)
Valentines window display at M&S...
A pretty collection of rose wines...
Hearts to decorate....
A sweet pink notebook....
Beautiful flowers to start the day...
Happy valentines day!

Day 133- 13/2/10

I love walking by this florists shop in town, there are always cute potted plants and flowers outside. Such small things can brighten up a flat!

Day 132- 12/2/10

Today is day one of the Vancouver 2010 winter olympics. I am very excited to watch them, even with the eight hour time difference. Opening ceremonies is on the BBC here at 1:30 am. Yeeps.

As mentioned in previous posts my love for Canada, even though I have moved away. My aunt got these uber popular mitts for Christmas and I was beyond thrilled! They are loved and are a nice little reminder of home.

Go Canada go!

Day 131- 11/2/10

I bought a second hand snowboard off ebay and it arrived today...I love the design on it. (No, that is not why I chose this board either I will have you know)...It's the same board model I have in Canada, just a couple years older.

Something about a snowboard just sitting in the living room makes you want to drop everything and get to the hill!

Day 130- 10/2/10

Love the look of the wash out on the line, it feels like spring and therefore would be warm outside. However if the snow falling outside right now is any hint, spring isn't happening this week.

Day 129- 9/2/10

The sun was out today, but boy was it chilly!

Day 128- 8/2/10

Who would have thought that the bakery in town uses flour from Manitoba! Currently the old sacks being used as a welcome mat (?) to the bakery.

Day 127- 7/2/10

Some lovely knitted kneelers at the local Abbey.

Day 126-6/2/10

Day 125- 5/2/10

It was a beautiful afternoon today-it felt like spring! I saw one man in a t-shirt, shorts and sandals, and people with light jackets on. (Though I think the sandal man was a bit loopy).

There was this cute farmers market in the square with lots of lovely homemade goods and products to buy. I got some cheese from one stand, made just down the road. I do love my cheeses and the varieties they have here.

Such a beautiful day in fact that the mayor decided to come out... Hog roast or beef roll anyone?

Day 124- 4/2/10

A grey, dull, fresh winter day.

Day 123- 3/2/10

A little lady I know is turning three in March, and I thought I would get a head start on creating her birthday present.

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