Day 362- 29/9/10

Recently I got an iPhone for work which in itself is pretty exciting. The iPhone has some serious potential as a very cool machine, but I admit I like texting on my regular phone. Anyways, one thing I like about the iPhone is the camera function, and then all the apps you can get for that.

I have never been one for photoshopping, or editing photos. I believe that a good photo is based on the photographer and their eye for composition. If you can't take a good photo with a regular camera, editing to make it better feels like cheating. This is strictly my belief, and you may totally disagree.

This feeling may come from taking photography classes in uni, and learning about what makes a good photo. Some people have the eye, and other don't. Back in that day we were using 35mm cameras, as I truly dont think digital was even "invented". I have that 35mm camera here, and think the sound of the "snap" when the photo is taken is like no other.

However, back to the iphone. I got some cool photo apps today, and decided to take some snaps on my way from work to the train station. I admit I really like how they look....However, I am still keeping my old school ways of film and not editing, but this is a little fun!


  1. I find it hard to believe that you like texting better on a different phone - just go to landscape mode and everything is easier. However, I will move past that to ask: what are these apps you use?! They look fun.

  2. I just like the feel of the buttons under my fingers when texting, vs the screen. I make more mistakes on the iphone, but alas I am not used to it yet. Will try this landscape mode you speak of!

    These photos were all edited using LoFi a free photo app. Any iphone apps you suggest?

  3. These pics are fantastic.. I'm totally going to have to try them on my phone.. my fav is the old man with the cigarette.. looks like it's from a magazine or something!

  4. Thanks Jill! Aren't they cool?


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