Day 31- 3/11/09

Today I took the bus for the first time in town. It's a bit different than home as you are to tell the driver where your stop is, and your fare will change depending on how far you go. As it was my first time, I wasn't sure of the cost, and where to get off exactly. I quickly made "friends" with a nice old lady waiting for the bus as well. She told me about the fares, and said I could sit by her, as she would tell me when to ring the bell for my stop.

She asked if I was American, but quickly changed her question to- "Canadian?"....(I must have twitched when she first said American). Of course she has a friend in Canada- as everyone does. We had a lovely chat about grocery stores, the recession, and the weather till she told me to ring the bell, as my stop was approaching.

The reason why I was taking the bus was a little outing to the large grocery store just out of the town centre. I enjoy going here as there are thousands of more products than in the smaller stores, and ALL of them are new to me. I want to buy them all, and at the same time, photograph the cute and different packaging. One thing I can't get over each time I go is how many isles there are filled with sweets. Today I counted FIVE. FIVE isles (and I am sure I missed a couple) filled with chocolates and biscuits, and cakes, and pies, and lollies, and sweets, and puddings. Christmas chocolates, boxed chocolates, individual chocolates, cakes for birthdays, ice cream, hot puddings and cold puddings and tarts....I could go on. I love it here.


  1. I love the picture!
    I went crazy with the grocery stores in Ireland and you are so right - aisles of sweeties and biscuits and crisps! My favorite was an outing to Tesco - what store was the picture taken in? And don't forget the 'carrier' bags!

  2. Your pics are fabulous!! Perhaps you should create a photo story and publish it!!

  3. I am drooling, and glad I don't live there as I'd be 300lbs!


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