Day 54-26/11/09

Today I had to send a few letters though the post, one which has to arrive at it's destination on monday. The main town center post office was closed because of a power failure, so I was re-directed to one by the Abbey. (What a pain!) The post office lady told me "Walk by the Abbey, and you will pass the Dun Cow pub on your right". This little detour would take me down some streets I have not yet ventured. I got the rest of the directions and did eventually see the Dun Cow pub on my right. Well two things; I really enjoy the name of all the English pubs here they are all different and unique and second I loved this cow perched up top of the pub.

I decided to research what "Dun" meant and came across a wikipedia article (I know, it's not always accurate, though it is interesting!), explaining what Dun meant (dull shade of brownish grey): but did you know that the Dun Cow is an old English Folklore? Neither did I. You can read about it here: The next thing I found interesting was this fact: The Dun Cow, Shrewsbury is one of the oldest public houses in the UK, built by Rodger De Montgomery, first Earl of Shrewsbury circa 1085 as a hostel for the highly skilled masons and master builders bought in to oversee the construction of St. Peter and St. Pauls, (later known as the Abbey). It continues to be a public house and claims to have accommodated many famous people.

Who woulda known?! And to think, if the normal post office would have been open I would have never see the Dun Cow, and found out this info. One of the oldest public houses in the UK? Amazing!


  1. That is amazing! Wonderfully amazing - I love stuff like that.

    Also, is that cow wearing some kind of sweet silk pilot's scarf, because it certainly looks like it. Although if it was I would also expect it to have on goggles.

  2. Well the Dun Cow was a "savage beast that was slain" so maybe his sweet silk pilots scarf has some blood on it? That's gross, but it is my guess.

  3. I guess I should have read his wiki before asking silly questions about whether or not he was a pilot in his spare time. ;)

  4. the cow on top of the pub reminds me of all those darn pigs that we kept spotting around bath! can't wait to go to that pub for some great mushy peas, i bet they have great mushy peas there!

  5. Hey Amanda.
    They have open mic nite on the last Sunday of every month. Maybe you could show them a thing or two?



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