Day 76- 18/12/09

When I first started this blog, the intention was to choose one photo a day to capture what I had experienced on that day. Some days I feel that one photo is just not enough! One of the blogs I read (Quaint Living) uses more than one photo in most posts, I enjoy the look of it. I find it creates more of a story. I've decided to try this when the mood strikes, like my day yesterday.

I allow my niece, who is almost three, to play with my camera. Play=taking photos. This started a couple of years ago, and she knows I am a sucker and will give her my camera. The best part is she knows what she is doing, and I think some of her photos are quite interesting. Here is her artsy shot.

Oh mango and salmon roll. How I've missed you.

Fantastic sushi dinner with a bff. One of the foods I have been missing.

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