Day 102- 13/1/10

I love waking up to a new blanket of snow outside. It's been snowing all day here, and around the rest of England. In Canada our snow can be around from October through April, and frankly the excitement of it all wears off once it gets into the minus 20's & 30's, you just can't get up to the hill to snowboard and enjoy it, and visibility when driving becomes zero.

It seems now that I live in a new place where grass is always green, a place not typical to have snow that stays on the ground. I am really enjoying it, and like that it is around. Even if it can be seen as a national disaster. I guess its like a little piece of home.


  1. Good point. I guess you could appreciate the snow if it didn't last for 5 months and get to -gazillion. It almost looks peaceful!!! However, I'll still take sun and HOT any day

  2. I love the man on the bike! Good shot!

  3. These are great! I love all of them. Especially the signs.


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