Day 135- 15/2/10

Lemons! I chose this as my photo of the day for three reasons:

1) When grocery shopping today I learned that here in Britain lemons & sugar is a traditional topping to shrove tuesday (tomorrow) pancakes. I had no idea! There were even crates of lemons in the store labeled "Don't forget your lemons for pancakes!"

2) Another domestic goddess pudding made, lemon & almond cake.

3) Lemons are yellow. Yellow is basically gold. Yesterday Canada won their first ever gold medal on home soil in 34 years. So very exciting. Go canada go!


  1. I love all 3 reasons!!!! But the only one that made me cry 10 times in the last 24 hours is #3, so I guess you could say that is my favorite:)

  2. FUN!!!! I didn't even know today is Shrove Tuesday! Thanks...guess it'll be pancakes for dinner tonight!


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