Day 143- 23/2/10

Three sights I enjoyed today: The flower stands in Birmingham on this bitterly cold day.
Tim Hortons at a little shop in Birmingham. (There is actually a garage close to town here that sells Tims coffee as well). It took me a second once I saw it to realize "Hey! Thats a bit of out of place here!" To answer your question, no I didn't have any coffee but will next time. For those of you unfamiliar with Timmys I can safely say its a Canadian staple. (My question is how old are those doughnuts? Are they shipped from Canada?)
Public art.


  1. A Timmy's self serve station?! Does it get any better!?!

    I found a mini-Tim's in Dublin and got really excited at the potential of getting some TimBits, sadly it was just coffee. Looks like you've got a pretty good set up.

  2. No way!!! Do they even have the flavored french vanilla cappacino?? YUMMY!!


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