Day 209-219 30/4/10-9/5/10

For the last eleven days I have been in Italy with my parents. This was a trip we had planned for months and months with the initial plans being altered as flights were cancelled due to the volcano. In the end the trip was fantastic, and I loved enjoying Italy with my folks.

This morning I sat here wondering how I would put up a photo a day for a 11 day trip which covered Rome, Florence, and Cinque Terra.

I have chosen one photo per day of the trip just to give a glimpse of what we saw. For those of you with a keen sense for details will notice there are actually 12 photos. The extra photo will be the one of the gelato, so lovely to look at and consumed every day it had to be included. For those of you lucky enough to be friends with me on Facebook you will see a full album soon...


Arrived in Rome, and taking the Leonardo Express into the Termini station. I like how the train is named after one of the greatest artists of all time.
We climbed to the cupola (dome) of St. Peters in Roma. Lovely view over the city and of St. Peters square. Warm weather and sun...
Italian women have nice handbags and shoes. So many of them would walk around the cobbled streets in heels, I was always amazed.
The Trevi Fountain and all the goodies you can buy! Still warm and sunny...
Inside the duomo in Florence
Gelato. Awesome gelato.
Wandering around Florence, I loved these little trucks mainly for deliveries and waste. This is when the weather turned chilly...
A view of Florence from Michelangelo's piazza. A cold and rainy day.
Breathtaking Cinque Terra. This is Manarola. Still cold and rainy...
The next day we took the train through all five towns since the path was closed due to the rain they were having. A glimpse of blue sky and sun was nice to see at points though the day.
Last night in Rome, Fiumicino actually. Early flights the next morning lead us to stay close to the airport. We had dinner at a family run restaurant that evening. Our fave was the head of the family who sat behind the counter, reading the paper, and passing jobs onto the women working.
Flight home. Almost didn't leave Rome due to ash...


  1. so fun!
    The man behind the counter, the fashionistas and the airplane shot are by far my favorite as they are so clever!

  2. Love them all! Where to even begin?! Mostly I keep wanting to say that I love them. So now that that is out of the way.
    -Women here wear the most outrageous heals and I swear the cobble stone and sidewalks are more dangerous than anywhere I've been. I slip in my sandals, I don't know how they do it.
    -Gelato is AMAZING.
    -Cinque Terra: This picture is exceptional! What an interesting place, it looks like it could just topple into the sea.
    -Love the train picture, it captures so much :)
    -Did you throw money over your shoulder into the Trevi Fountain? Or have you done it too many times now for it to be cool? ha :) I wish I could remember what I wished for. Did you drink the water from the fountain in front of the Spanish Steps?
    -I also really enjoy the two 'arial' photos. It so awesome to see the city scape
    I think I should stop now. Glad to hear you had a great time, I really enjoy your photos.

  3. I am so glad you love them!
    I agree, I slipped in my sandals and trainers as well...seriously. I have a photo on facebook of another womans shoes. I couldnt even stand in those ones, nevertheless walk in them, in Italy! hah.
    -Gelato is amazing.
    -You would love Cinque Terra I think...its so beautiful.
    -Yes. I did throw another coin....I mean, I feel that I have to, or maybe will never get back to Rome, its worked the other two times!
    -Glad you enjoyed the photos. :)


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