Day 233- 23/5/10

Today we took advantage of the 25 degree weather for a little outing. England has these safari parks where you drive around and see the animals, it was too cool! Like a zoo, but you are in the cages with the animals.

The "air lock" between some of the cages closed you in a gate before opening the next gate to let you in...

Very cool

What a sight!

Oh hello!

Showdown: Rino vs. truck

Something was happening with these giraffes. We couldnt tell if one was the mom/baby or if they were in love

"Elephant valley" was a fave among the drivers ahead of us, a but of a traffic jam to see them.

Cute little Zebra...

1 comment:

  1. Holy random! A mini safari in the middle of England.. the land must be huge!


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