Day 255- 13/6/10

How about another "What are you reading?" post...So tell me?
These are the books I am reading now. Well not all at the same time, but the Hornby one currently, and then onto the others.

Whilst you are answering that question tell me what else you would like to see photos of! It's taken me a couple days to get these last few posts up which I apologize, but am also looking for new photo subjects. Like I've said before, life is life over here, and some days when I am at home, or working there isnt much crazy and exciting to take a photo of! What do you want to see?


  1. Oh.. I haven't read any of those books.. you'll have to let me know!
    As for new pics.. I'm always curious about inside buildings, decorations/displays... I'm not saying creep into someones house and take pictures.. unless you want to hee hee!!!!

  2. Right now, or well before my life was crazy busy for the past two months, I was reading In Praise of Slow by Carl Honore. You'll have to tell me if any of these are great!

  3. Interesting, I have not heard of that one. Will tell you about these....The Hornby one is pretty good...a interesting story.


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