Day 261- 19/6/10

Starting the walk through part of the Forest of Dean

The wobbly footbridge!

The amazing view from Yat Rock.

A lovely dinner along the riverside, a perfect end to the day!


  1. the last 2 pictures are perfect!
    Do you shoot into the sun? I love that effect.
    What camera are you using ( just kidding - the blog world question always! ha! )
    I love the 'forest' or 'wood' as the Irish say. The bridge is very nifty! The castle is so Irish!! Great pictures on lovely sunny days!

  2. Oh thank you! hah! I know, the blog question is always "what type of camera do you use"! Nothing too exciting over here! Its so green and lovely, and yes its shot into the sun.

  3. The first picture reminds me of lord of the rings. I like the looks of that bridge AND the last two look enchanting. Like a fairy tale.

  4. I don't remember LOTR but I think I can see what you are talking about..It was so lush and had such great vegetation.


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