Day 274- 2/7/10

My weekend lead me down to Oxford for a few days to celebrate a friends birthday. Friday night I was invited out for some Lindy Hoping! If you don't know what Lindy is, well think 1920's Charlston-esque moves.

Since I had never tried this before, and everyone I was there with had been taking lessons for a while they helped me out with a couple steps so I could give it a whirl. It was great, and for some reason gave me the unique feeling of being in England like this does not happen in Canada at all-though I am sure it does.

Enjoyed it so much, that we are looking for classes in Birmingham!


  1. So much fun! Good for you.. I've seen the lindy hop on "So You Think You Can Dance".. it's crazy fast, but looks like fun!

  2. We loved having you at the Lindy too - you were a natural. A great evening and a great weekend. Come back and visit us soon! G.x


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