Day 296- 25/7/10

Alton Towers. A theme park like none other, just an hour away from home. Amazing roller coasters and a fantastic day with friends. We started the day off with this ride. Oblivion. Crazy. Only lasts like 60 seconds, but what a 60 seconds it is. At the top of the track you pause for 2 seconds looking almost straight down (as seen in this pic) then you DROP straight down. So freaky.

The hole which you drop into on Oblivion

This is Air. The track is above you, and you are laying basically in a hand glider type thing...but its a rollercoaster. Amazing, like flying!

This is Nemisis. You sit with the track above you, your legs hanging below you. Awesome, my fave of the day and so scary.

Nemisis in the full inversion loop

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