The chill of the outdoors has sent me into a bit of a lazy state with the blog. That and the fact that these days its too cold to stop and take photos around town, one just needs to keep moving! When comparing the difference between Canada & England one thing that came to mind is snow. Yes, Canada gets snow, however the difference is how the two countries deal with the snow.

Its laughable here how the country shuts down when its snows, panic ensues, and no one can deal! I understand that the country may not have snow like we do at home, and do not have the equipment to deal with the snow like we do, but its a bit absurd at times. I think we need a Canadian consultant to aid the Brits when the snow starts to fall.


  1. As I read a BBC news RSS feed, I think it's hilarious to see the stories about how -10°C weather is so treacherous, or how an inch of snow will create literal havoc. Love it. No offense of course.

  2. None taken. I think its slightly hilarious and nutty too...Havoc has been started again with fresh snow this week, lucky to have made my flight over!

  3. hahaha.. the same happens in Japan. They close everything! Now, for example, if snow started to fly in Lima, panic would be understandable heehee


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