The Royal Wedding is tomorrow...
What can I say about it that you don't know already? I've heard that Canada is wedding mad, and over here it's crazy. I thought I'd take some photos of the shopfronts in town, as many have decorated for the big day.

Are you watching the wedding? If you are home in Canada, is your alarm set for 4am?

We are planning to go to the pub to watch- should be fun.

Even simple bunting in windows creates a festive atmosphere

My fave wine shop in town (Tanners) has a fun window display

Tanners window...

Even the knitting shop in town is in the spirit...


  1. bahahaha.. these are awesome! I think I'll just watch the millions of recaps ;-)

  2. we could have used some of the decorations for our party! The pictures are great Amanda and really capture the wedding frenzy over there - I love your blog entry! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did over here!


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