I decided to treat myself to some springy pumps (or flats as we'd call them at home) today. M&S has some cute shoes in this season. Wedges are also quite in this season, and that will be my next purchase. I read so many fashion blogs these days, I thought I'd do a mini fashion post of my own.

M&S shoes are quite comfortable at first wear, and don't need to be broken in like shoes in other stores- thats the worst.

What spring item have you purchased this season for your closet?

I expect responses from this question readers- I know you are out there! Comments are my motivation to post, and its always nice to hear from you :)

Going on a little vacay as of today so looking forward to reading your responses when we are back. Have a good week and happy Easter!


  1. I love the pink pumps! It is challening to feel Spring fashion here when we are constantly reminded of winter, but with Winners now open in town, a new pair of nude strappy heels with open toe were purchased in hopes of wearing when it isn't snowing! Show more fashions please!

  2. whilst you are buying 'pretty pumps' for spring .... i bought rain boots today! how's that for springy?! the mud and muck around here these days makes things VERY messy!

  3. Flats in this style are everywhere right now! Good purchase. I've been eyeing a few pairs myself but I've been holding off. Those look awfully comfy and quite adorable.

  4. Those are too cute!! AHHHH.. Spring hasn't hit here yet BOOOO, so holding off on the cute shoes until the snow melts

  5. Loving all the fashion comments- thanks everyone.
    Nude strappy heels, and rain boots do sound (Canadian) springy to me!

    Will make sure to post more fashion pics- does that mean I can shop more?!

  6. I purchased a gorgeous little nude silk dress from Aritzia last week, should compliment my french summer perfectly!


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