16/11/11- Where have I been?


Where have I been for the past two weeks you ask? 


We came out here for my oldest BFF's wedding, which was so beautiful and amazing, and along with that have had a fantastic trip to Maui. 

We've got a few days left, and before we leave this island paradise I wanted to share some photos of some of the wonderful flowers found on the island. 

Mahalo for sticking with my blog during my absence. Once I get back home to Canada, will share a few more snaps. But for now, its back to the warm island air and pina coladas. 


  1. Wow, so beautiful! Always fancied going to Hawaii, especially after seeing Lilo & Stitch :)

  2. Stunning! Frangipani and Hibiscus are some of my favourite flowers...just so tropical!! Glad you're having a good time x

  3. Maui!? Colour me jealous! Enjoy the pina coladas.

  4. I can honestly smell that scented air and plumeria!! Enjoy your last 2 days! Aloha!

  5. This seems like such a world away, like a magical non-existent place. Because with weather like we're having here, no where in the world can be that nice. le sigh.

  6. The flowers are so beautiful in Maui. They are so gorgeous...they almost look fake! It is unreal how many different types of flowers and trees they have. So unique and different. It would be interesting to read more about the flowers and trees before going again.


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