2/11/11- Yar!

I attended a fab family birthday party on the weekend. It was for a lovely three year old whom I adore, and it was a dress up party. The guest of honor was a pirate, and all the children that attended dressed up as well. 

I took some fun photos that I was going to share, but ran out of time to make a decent blog post about the party. So instead I will just show these two photos of shoes. 

A good friend here at home is a drama teacher and always teaches her students the importance of shoes and how it creates a character. The shoes are the first piece of a costume an actor/actress receives, and once they have those shoes, they should not rehearse without them. For they put you into that character from the way you walk, to how you hold yourself on the stage. 

I thought of this when I looked at these two photos. 

(Playing musical islands. Like musical chairs, but since it was pirate themed it was islands)

(My cowgirl boots and the birthday boys pirate boots. Love this pic).

Exciting trip happening this week, so I may not blog as much, but will post some pics to tempt you of warmer climates when I get a chance.

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  1. I love it! The shoes do indeed make the character!


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