10/5/12- Snowboarding in Scotland

Skiing and snowboarding in Scotland in May. Wow. 
The Caringorm ski hill (which we've been to before) had a terrible winter season with hardly any snow due to rain.

They have been getting snow recently, and we just had to check it out.

Top of the hill- took a bit of climbing to get to. Nice snow.

Mid-station. Yikes! We had to do some walking here. No snow.

From the second photo you can see the funicular mid-station on the right. When the hill does have snow you can ski from here all the way to the bottom (can just see the car park in the middle of the photo). 

(Yes, I've not been blogging for a month, I know...Apologies to my readers). 

1 comment:

  1. well it looks like you have been having some little adventures! And yes! we have been patiently waiting to have a blog post so welcome back and thank you for sharing some pics!!


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