Day 331- 29/8/10

A washing machine in the kitchen seems normal now, but on a lazy sunday afternoon after putting the wash in, I remembered that its not! Well, maybe it is normal, but I am pretty sure most homes in Canada have their washing machine in the basement or a different room. Its quite handy having it here actually, just another English thing that feels like the norm now!

I had a conversation with a friend from home about quitting the blog after a year. She didn't like the idea and thought I should continue it. Her perspective of the blog was that I was doing it for people at home so that they know what is happening and not for myself. Its true, I use it as a good snippet of the every day over here, but more so for YOU the reader. I am going to try to shift my thinking to maybe doing it a bit more for me, and therefore you, as the viewer, can still enjoy the photos and ramblings with maybe a different shift, and maybe, just maybe, I will keep it going after that 365 day mark.


  1. I like that idea :-)

  2. Oh ya, by the way.. washers in the kitchen are slowly starting to come out here.. when I was apartment hunting, I saw a few like that.. not sure if I like that idea.. like you said, something you have to get use to!

  3. Glad you like the idea Jill :)
    Hm...interesting North America is following in Englands wise ways...

  4. When I lived in that condo by the river we had what looked like a pantry in our kitchen but it was really one of those stacked washers and dryers. Perhaps it was all for lack of room elsewhere but I enjoyed it just fine.


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