Lets talk about books. I should do a post like this more often cause I love talking about which books I am reading, and getting comments back on which books you are reading (hint hint). I think those e-books are cool, and great for travel- however saying that, I don't think I could tear myself away from a real book in my hands. The different font, cover images, paper smell. They are special.
These are three books that I have going right now...

A bit of Canadian content here. Almost done this one, fantastic writing however a gloomy book the whole way through.(My photo will not rotate, sorry friends!)

A beautiful book my Mom gave me for Christmas. Just finished this one, really nice story and meaning within.

That hedgehog book, my friend gave me this one at Christmas. I've just started it, its interesting. However, not a book that you can doze off when reading as the language is pretty thick.


  1. I most definitely have to agree.. there is something special about holding a book. I look at a computer screen all day at work and don't want to look at another in my free time!
    Glad to you see posting again :-)

  2. Our book club just finished ROOM which is on all the best seller lists...disturbing but hard to put down. I am currently reading THE FORGOTTEN GARDEN which is lovely. You are right, the language of HEDGEHOG is tricky...stick with it.. an interesting tale! I have SECRET DAUGHTER on my nightstand so I will be reading that next. And in regards to the E-Reader..you know my obsession with books and paper, but once you see how cool the E -READER is and how fast you can read on it...I LOVE it!!! (esp because the screen mimics paper on mine - no glare!)
    Happy Reading!!

  3. I'm currently reading "Never Let Me Go" It has been good so far but I've slowed down with it so much that I am finding it tiring - entirely my fault as I never allot time to read it anymore. No more lunch breaks has severely depleted my daily reading time.

    I just bought Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali - which is a biographical work - which when I looked it up online it suggested Secret Daughter as well as I picked that up too. I'll have to let you know how I like it.

    I am also partial to real books but the thought of traveling with a kindle would just make having many books so easy and most importantly light weight.


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