The flat has this skylight/window which is great, however to find a blind that fits the window has been a pain. The blinds made for those windows are quite expensive, so I fashioned up my own.

The blind

And voila! To open the blinds it nicely gets rolled up to a pretty little package.


  1. nothing like a little DIY to inspire! This is so cute - I love it! We had the same skylight in Ireland but it was much to high to get to!

  2. HAHA.. very clever, and pretty too!!!

  3. Very cute! Nice work. I made curtains for a place I lived in once as it was much cheaper and easier than buying them. Yours look very ingenious.

  4. Thank you everyone!
    Hey, it only took 16 months, but I finally got the curtains up! Not only are they pretty, but block out the light like a charm.


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