This piece is just around the corner from our office (are are in the creative quarter of the city). When I was out one lunch I actually saw the guy working on it.

In all my years of doing graffiti walks in cities, or teaching about it, I've never seen a piece being worked on live. He had a camera set up to document the process, as it was mostly done, but he had some touch-ups to do.

When he was standing back and looking at it we had a quick chat about it. The guy looked tough- tattoos on his fingers, shaved head, pierced ect. But as soon as I complimented him on it he got almost bashful and was so thankful. He said he was just fixing up the hair and shading, and putting the final details on it and it would be done for Monday. I said I'd come back to check it out on Monday as I couldn't wait to see it finished.

These are the final pics, not bad eh?

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