Yes, those are tap shoes.
A week ago I stumbled upon the fact that the theater in town (the new modern one) offers dance classes. As a child into my teens I danced a whole smattering of genres, but my fave was tap. Since I stopped I've always wanted to pick up an adult class once a week to get back into it. Much to my delight they offered tap classes in the dance studio, that is based in the theater. And not only a general tap class, but three levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. I went to the advanced class this week and it was awesome. Within minutes the years of dance came rushing back- I loved it. Just like riding a bike, but in this case a flap ball change.


  1. I would love to be tapping with you but unfortunately, I'd be in Beginner! Have fun!

  2. Lovely! That sounds like so much fun.

  3. ooohhh.. new tap shoes! So exciting :-)


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