Have I commented on the lack of sushi there is in England? The only place to get sushi where I live is the local M&S, and its really not that good. It's all about the rice, and grocery store sushi never seems to get it right. I decided to finally try it out, and make my own. I've heard some horror stories of homemade sushi so I was crossing my fingers.

A shop in town supplied all the ingredients and the woman was very helpful...hours later....great success! It turned out amazing and not only looked pretty good, tasted like the real thing.


  1. How very ambitious of you! I made sushi once but I didn't like it. That said it was before I liked sushi so maybe I should give it another go. That looks pretty impressive.

  2. Ambitious is the word! I just need to improve on my rolling skills, but man it was good.


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