It's that time again, what are you reading?
Here is the stack of books I am currently reading, have just finished, or am about to read. I won't give a big book review or anything, but will say a few words about each. So, my next question is tell me what you've read lately that I should pick up.

1. One of us: Like the Matrix meets Inception.
2. Marriage Bureau for Rich People: Look inside the world of arranged Indian marriages.
3. The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous: Pure British smut.
4. Mennonite in a Little Black Dress: Have not read it yet, about one womans life as a mennonite.
5. Though Thick and Thin: Mid read, Gok's autobiography. Really interesting and sad.


  1. The most recent book I finished was "The Secret Daughter," I think you talked about it on here.

    Now I'm reading "Infidel" by Ayaan Hirsi Ali - its an autobiographical novel about a Somali woman growing up in a very strict Muslim family who runs away for asylum to the Netherlands when she is forced into an arranged marriage.

  2. Yes, I did mention the Secret Daughter, I loved it. Did you enjoy it? Infidel sounds interesting as well. I noticed you asking about "Room" have you decided to read that? My friend Wendy has, and I am sure she will make a comment on it once she reads this blog.

  3. I loved Secret Daughter. I finished it on the train to Antwerp and I had to stop reading to avoid crying so many times. It was really moving and such an easy book to get into and read.

    I'd heard Ayaan on CBCs Q and I wanted to get her most recent book but it was only hardcover and thus more expensive. This book has been very eye opening.

    I keep picking up Room then putting it down before I leave the store, I'm scared it could be dark and depressing. If that is the case, I don't think I would like it. But the fact that it has such great reviews and the narrator is a child keeps me going back. I'll be interested to see what Wendy has to say about it.

  4. Oh I love another book chat!
    Teira, Room is one of those books you just have to take the plunge with. I had to read it for my book club and otherwise might not have. I am very glad I did because it is a great discussion. It is a challenge but the writing is superb and it is difficult to put down. Hard and disturbing for sure, but a journey and one you don't forget! You should definitely read it.
    I have Secret Daughter in my pile but currently reading a fantastic book I found out from blogland called "The Best of Everything" which is like a Sex and the City written in the 1950s about women in NYC. Amanda: I am saving it for you! We also just read Steve Martin's 'The Art of Beauty' for book club. It was good too! I am going to look for the Mennonite book A as it seems appropriate I should try that one! Happy Book reading ( where are your travel guides? )

  5. Oh I also like these book chat posts, love hearing what everyone is reading.

    Teira, hope that description of "Room" makes you want to read it...I am also tempted. Wendy make sure to save those two books for me as you've spoken so much about them.

    Travel guides...hm. They are on the shelf and I pick them up all the time. I do have some cool ones, so will showcase those next book chat post on here.

  6. Eeh, I'm actually feeling less inclined to read it now. I hate dark books, they just depress and anger me. But I'm still intrigued by it. We'll see what happens when I finish my current book.

  7. It is true Teira, there were times I felt like it was too painful to read on..but the good thing is that 1/2 way through the book it turns and that anxiety lifted. It made for our best book club discussion to date and they all loved it ( I wouldn't say 'love' but the writing is so creative without giving too much away! )

    Yes! Travel guides as next book discussion! Oh, and I didn't buy Room in hard cover as I knew I'd never read it again so I have it on my E Reader and will delete it eventually. The other one is yours! Book Club is this Weds so stay tuned for our newest pick.


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