It's pancake day/Shrove Tuesday today- did you have your pancakes today?
There is something so fun about having breakfast for dinner isn't there? I made the Brit style of pancakes for my Shrove Tuesday meal, thin like crepes with lemon and sugar. Give em a try...


  1. HAHA..we were talking about this at work today and how I suggested that everyone should eat pancakes today! We googled why people eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.. in case you're wondering, it's because it is the last day before lent, so a day to indulge. And, pancakes traditionally have all the ingredients that you shouldn't eat for lent such as sugar, fat, eggs.. so there ya go

  2. Those look delish. I know a few internationals (of the UK variety) were making their pancakes today. I didn't get any, but now I'm sure I'll be craving these for days.

    Heck, just saying pancakes has me craving fluffy blueberry pancakes. ha.

  3. Yup, they were so nice...easy too.
    Thinking of pancakes got me thinking of our fluffy kind, and also the Stampede! hah

    You are right Jill, and starting today its time to give up a vice for the next 40 days. Didn't you have pancakes as a kid every Shrove Tuesday?

  4. You bet! Shrove Tuesday was always pancakes for dinner in the Pelkie household!
    I still haven't decided what to do for Lent... you?

  5. I actually made another fun variation of the pancake (the Dutch Baby) this weekend, which sounds like a fun cousin to Brit pancakes.
    Super easy and delish if you're ever interested. It's great for brunch parties because you just bake one big one and then you're done!


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