Today I popped over to a new cafe in Birmingham for a coffee. Independent cafes are a big thing here, and seem to be making a strong movement towards good coffee, and not just "a" coffee. You know? I've read a lot about this particular cafe and had a nice chat with the head barista about his new premise as he carefully crafted my cappuccino.

Leads me to my blog post for March 15th. Anyways, ended up in a different area of town (different from "the creative quarter"), more corporate. I liked stumbling upon this park, and it was nice to see a new sight in a city I've become quite familiar with.

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  1. I love that - discovery of new areas. I've been here for a month and a half now and I've fallen into a routine where I always go the same way to get to my classes, the train, the grocery store. Sometimes I forget to explore this new city I'm living in. Once the weather really warms up I think I'm due for a little adventuring closer to home.


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