I was lucky enough this week to do some traveling with my cousin. She is currently studying in the Netherlands, and it was lovely to see her and to catch up. Thought I'd post a photo from each day of our trip, and here is day one. She also has a fantastic travel blog, and its been great reading her stories of the past three months. We had a good chat about keeping up a blog, which got me a wee bit motivated to get back into mine, but also allowed me to decide on a date when to complete my blogging journey.

Traveling with someone is always a bit more fulfilling then alone I feel. Traveling alone has its benefits, but its always nice to have someone else with you to share the sights, local culture, and the general adventure of being in a new place.

This pic is taken on the first train from the Berlin airport to the city centre. I got confused, and slightly lost, but made it there in the end. I also loved the look of the seats- almost a little graffiti-like.

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  1. Oh! Lovely. I'm excited to see what you pick.


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