Taking a break from the beach pics for some domestic goddess action. Today it's my cousins birthday, and I thought "what a great reason to bake a cake!" Unfortunately she is not here to eat the cake, but she is visiting next month so maybe I will bake her another! ;)

It was a very grey, windy, rainy day- perfect for baking. This is earl grey cake, with earl grey icing. Yum.


  1. haha! I love that! This made me smile a great deal, and for that I say Thank you!

    Also, Earl Grey Tea and matching icing? That sounds divine. And it kind of looks like a giant cookie. In a good way.

  2. That cake needs a bit bite from me! I need your cake!

  3. This looks delicious!!! Can you send me the recipe please?? Maybe I could enjoy it with my London Fog latte (they are my favorite)

  4. This was the recipe I used...I admit, if I make it again I will not use this recipe as I wasn't totally satisfied with it. I just googled for the icing recipe.



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